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Best way to secure the Cape


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Myself, I want to get away from just using the pins so I can protect the fabric.  I plan to sew some small black snaps in place where the fabric meets in the center and on the sides.  I will also attach short straps to the spot where you have yours pinned and have suspender clips on the end that can hold the snapped fabric in place where it needs to tuck.  Rejean also has a good method for his pinning and tucking.   

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My ultimate goal is to use velcro on each end of the cowl ends to hold them together, but I'm now thinking that I will have to have some kind of way of keeping it from riding up to high so I'll probably use the hard adhesive velcro on the underside of the armour and then use the soft sewable Velcro to the pleated (tucked) parts. I have also cut mine in a way that a part of the cowel goes under the clasps and straps and the other part goes over the clasps to make it look more like the game rendering, this method also helps in hiding the Cape and armour straps.

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