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Volund's Jerec Project

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"Jerec, the man who murdered your father, is a great evil. He searches for the location of a sacred place, the Valley of the Jedi. The Force of thousands of Jedi is trapped here. If Jerec captures this power, he will be a creature such as the universe has never seen. A supernova of stars in a fleeting thought?the eradication of life from a star system in a whisper?will be within his power."

--Qu Rahn as a Force ghost to Kyle Katarn


Before we begin with the description of what I am planning to do, I would like to make one point clear. Jerec is a Dark Jedi and not a Sith Lord. You see, practically every Sith Lord winds up being killed by a Jedi or some such... Dark Jedi get killed by Smugglers with some Force Sensitivity who find a lightsaber in their dead father's house. So, as long as Koda stays on his coast and I stay on mine, I'm safe.


With that said, I would like to now go live to Ollie Williams in the Chanel 5 interview with a description of why I'm doing Jerec. Ollie?




Thanks Ollie.


In all seriousness, I choose Jerec because he has an awesome character, appeared in a live-action video game (produced by Lucas, does that make it cannon?), and is a snappy dresser. Add to that the fact that NOBODY has attempted this yet and I have a great costume ahead of me.


Now, for the build description.

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This is a step-by-step with each separate piece of the costume. I have used multiple sources to get this description, including some of the graphic novel descriptions, supplemental art work, and long hours of pausing youtube to get snap shots. In all, this project is deceptively simple yet time consuming. So, let us begin.



Being a Miraluka, Jerec is naturally blind. To avoid the ick factor, he wears a specially designed band across his eyes to hide the useless orbs.


In reality, the band is more of a mesh or dulled dark lenses to hide his eyes while still providing sight... otherwise you would need to use your red lightsaber as a red-tipped cane.


The primary part of the eyepiece are a pair of thin-framed non-reflective plastic sunglasses. They appear to be about a 1/2-inch wide at the widest point and contour evenly across the face. They are connected from behind with a detailed band of some kind which fits directly to the sides of the glasses.


While some descriptions said that the eyepiece was actually a piece of thin fabric, this would be too easy to see through from the outside in a high light situation, this is why I am going for the glasses. In most of the scenes, Jerec was bathed in shadows. However, at one point he was in a bright area and you would see the glint of his eyes.


After finding an appropriate pair of sunglasses, cut them down to the appropriate width. You should sand the nosepiece also to allow them to sit closer to the eyes. If the plastic is glossy, it may also be wise to cover it with a coat of flat finish (making sure not to hit the lenses). After that, remove the arms and securely attach a pair of elastic bands to the sides. For another level, create a web-patten between the two elastic bands behind the head or find an appropriately detailed gel hair band!





The shoulder armor are a variation of the Darth Vader Shin Guards. They are flared out more than the Vader Shins and are cut just below the knee in a round or stylized fashion. The armor widens until it reaches in line with the "studs" and which point it sweeps in a curve to form the base. They are red with a series of black triangles at the edge. They bolt to the shoulder straps of the armor and have a small bit of velcro on the fronts and backs which are for an elastic strap which keeps them from twisting from the armor.





The armor covers both the chest and back, but the chest is the only thing shown in the game. It is stylized much in the same way as the Imperial Gunner armor but is hard. The neck-line is low and the armor covers to about the sternum. The armor has two studs near the shoulders which connect a black TIE Pilot-style shoulder strap. It is to this shoulder strap that the shoulder armor bolts to.


There are a pair of leather straps which also go from the sides of the chest armor down to the belt. These straps end in a black clip which hooks under the belt to act as belt loops to keep the belt in place.


Finally, there are a pair of elastic straps which connect from just under the studs to the top of the shoulders to secure them. The back was shown in only a single scene, but it was not armored, it had straps which secured the chest armor.





The cape appears to be a Darth Vader-style cape with the satin lining and trailing edge. It's length is only to the tops of the ankles so it will not drag on the ground while walking. The cape rests on the half-way point of the shoulder pauldron (possibly connecting to the stud which holds the shoulder plates to the armor). The mantle connects to the cape along the back of the neck. It is about 4-6 inches wide and is the length of the jacket. It is covered by a series of red embroidered symbols on its length.





The belt appears to be a typical Imperial belt and buckle without the cog device on the buckle. There is a Darth Vader-style saber clip on the right side of the belt held by two vertical studs.





The saber would have to be custom built. It can be an FX saber or just a hilt, as Jerec only drew his saber twice preferring to let his underlings do the dirty work. If the Saber is produced with a blade, then the blade needs to be red. Otherwise, the saber has a ring on the back to connect to the belt hook and is much like the Kyle Katarn saber.





The gloves appear to be normal gauntlets. They are black and have no texture. The gauntlets appear to be fit around the sleeves of the suit. They may have a light texture, but it is not entirely visible from the screenshots.





The boots appear to be typical Imperial/German Officer Parade boots.





The trousers are loose fitting around the legs and billow slightly over the boots. They look to be the same material as the jacket. These are nearly identical to the generic Jedi-style trousers seen in the Prequel Trilogy.





The jacket is one of the more complex pieces of this suit. All of the screenshots I have seen are showing me the same thing and I will do my best to describe it here. The jacket is based on the Jedi Outer Tunic and the Imperial Officer Jacket. I has two parts built into one.


The first part in the "under" jacket which includes Darth Vader-style sleeves connected to the body of an Imperial Officer jacket. The material of the jacket is lighter than that normally used (probably a cotton or silk of some kind). The collar is also a black shined vinyl material and is more of a 'V' than the Officer collar, but it is just as stiff.


I would suggest that the body secure up the front (zip or button) and that a modified bib be made to cover only the upper section of the securing. The lower will be covered by the next piece.


The "outer" jacket is more akin to a normal Jedi tunic. It is a simple doublet that is built into the front of the "inner" jacket. It has a separate flap of material that makes it look like the Officer Bib. When it is closed, the bottom of the jacket (under the belt) appears similar to the Officer jacket.


The sleeves of the "outer" tunic billow over the Vader "inner" sleeves. and double back under themselves. They cover about to mid-upper arm of the sleeves.


The bottom of the jacket is longer in the front and back than on the sides. It extends to about mid-groin in the front and back and mid-hip on the sides.





Jerec's mouth tattoos appear to mirror each other. They also appear to be waterproof as they get licked a great deal with his habit of licking the corners of his mouth. I would suggest a waterproof body makeup pen to draw them on with.


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Jerec's mouth tattoos appear to mirror each other. They also appear to be waterproof as they get licked a great deal with his habit of licking the corners of his mouth. I would suggest a waterproof eyeliner to draw them on with.


I don't know what chemicals are in eyeliner, and certainly wouldn't want an unknown such as that near my mouth. Instead, I would suggest investing in a small bottle of Reel Creations black body ink, or try their new black body paint pen, which might be even easier for drawing the lines. I haven't tried the pens yet, but I use the ink extensively, and it stays on very well. If you seal it, you can even go swimming and it won't come off.


Pam :-)

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Okay, I got the parts in for the first piece I'm making and will be posting some before pics tomorrow as well as (hopefully) some progress pics and a how-to for those who may be interested.


Sigh... I wish it could have happened sooner, but I was fightin forest fires with the National Guard... which also gave me the money to get the parts...


Sigh, I guess the darkside is a never ending loop into the abyss.

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Guest Sakara

ooh i tell you a couple of great product to create those lines.


M.A.C. liquidlast liquid eyeliner. This stuff STAYS on...and ive used it on lips too..In fact you need to use babyoil or prosoff to remove it.

It is safe to use near the mouth. Products made for the eyes are in fact safer to use near the mouth then products made for the mouth lol..as they have to pass strict guidelines for the eye area. The major plus with this product is its totally waterproof so you can get right into the corners of the mouth.



Another excellent product is 'Lip Ink' eyebrow liner. This company make their products from all natural stuff and its also temporarily permenant. I like using the brow liner in black as you can use it for yep, the brows but also as a lip colour. ( being a tad goth having a good black lip colour is a godsend! hehe)

Not AS waterproof as the MAC stuff, but more natural based if thats your thing

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I had to order some more Aayla paint from Reel Creations, so I went ahead and ordered one of the black body paint pens while I was at it, so that I could see what they are like. It has a pointed felt tip, like a Sharpie marker, so you can draw with the tip for a thin line, or tilt it a bit to get a wider line. The paint is not a true black, but a very dark gray... which actually would be good for making tattoo patterns, since real tattoos are lightened by a person's skin pigments over them. I made a few marks on my hand, and they stayed on through a day of work and hand washings. The paint is definintely waterproof, and took makeup remover to get it off.


Pam :-)

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Guest Anonymous

Gday all I am looking at doing up an Inquisitor Jerec - why he's cool 8) -because and have spent a bit of time going over this CRL ( awesome work btw :mrgreen: ) and images with my seamstress trying to see how we can put this together. However to us it seems as there are two different costume of Jerec being combined here:


one from the Dark Forces game where he appears to wearing a variant of an imperial officer uniform and cape with some wraparound armour, http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... stance.jpg


and another from the New Essential Guide where he seems to wearing a variant of a Jedi costume without a cape and chest armour. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/imag ... tnBkKiviDA


I am looking at basing my costume around the Dark Forces version so I am starting the build with a looser fitting imperial officer uniform. Another thing I am looking at doing differently is that the red symbols he wears appear to a scarf (?) separate from the cape not embroidered onto it http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... Jerec3.jpg


I am intending to make the chest armour out a PVC/Sintra type material with a front and back piece and am looking at cutting up some pauldroons for the shoulder pieces.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be more than welcome. :)

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ACK!!! Attack of the living dead post!!!


That's okay. It is here for that very reason.


For the shoulder armor, I would look into getting sintra templates for a Vader knee. Layers are your friend when it comes to some of this stuff.


The only time the back armor is seen in the cutscenes is just as he runs past Kyle for the death blow. I wouldn't do it, mostly because I like comfort and the cape might not hang correctly otherwise. But I'd check out using Boba Fett armor templates for it.


The red symbols on the scarf are applique. The scarf itself is attached at the back of the neck to the cape (it never alters its length).

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My wife just told me that I am finishing this in time for Celebration VII, so I guess I am finishing it in time for Celebration VII. Will Kyle Katarn be at Celebration?


Oh, and the actual WIP will begin soon!

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