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Starkiller - Dark Apprentice - Endor DLC (TFUII)

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Hey Guys, 


Just started looking into starting to create the Dark Apprentice's Red Endor armour from the Force Unleashed 2 DLC.

I thought I'd make a post here to see what everyone else thinks and any advice you guys can give would be great.

This is the first costume I'll make all from scratch so I'm a bit newbie to all the sewing and moulding.






Looking at the photos above and below for reference and I can see the following main things:

  1. Hooded red tunic (ankle length) which is split up the sides (at least to the waist if not fully)
  2. Brown leather sleeveless under tunic or shirt
  3. Shoulder armour (two layers near arms and attaches to chest and back armour)
  4. Three tiered plated chest and back armour which has leather straps joining the front back and sides
  5. Two leather belts, lower belt is possibly four layers? (possibly a black leather belt underneath, see back photo) 
  6. Black pants tucked into boots 
  7. Brown leather boots with four armour plates (with leather straps) 
  8. Leather fingerless gloves with four armour plates extending up the arms (secured with leather straps) 
  9. Two lightsabers (convertec clips) 
  10. Pale make-up with faint veins
  11. Sith Eyes (not pictured)









I have a spare pair of brown plain boots from my Anakin and have purchased some Red crepe (i think thats the name, same as anakin's inner tunnic) to trial the tunic. 


If anyone has any advice as to where to start or just advice in general that would be great.


Thanks in advance 

Awoo (Aidan)

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It looks like a cool costume!  Yeah star killer have alot of cool outfits! I have been thinking to make the sith version  myselfe :)

Good luck with the build!

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Let me start by saying I love this costume! I think your best material would be a Linen or a cotton weave on that red. Something nice and tight weave with a very vibrant color I think would be best.

Poly materials tend to really be nice and vibrant however you'd want to avoid a lot of poly as they are shiny sometimes. You could always just wander your local fabric store as you never know what might turn up.


For the armor itself I Highly recommend Sintra for this job.

I advise a 2-3mm thick board of it. As you state you are newer to this I find it best to use as Sintra is VERY forgiving. All you need is a heat gun and Sintra and your good to go. Please check some tutorials (generic ones) on youtube first. Good news is that Sintra is very easy to find at almost any plastics store.


For the color of metal I highly recommend Chrome Bumper paint. Its hard to find at your local home depot per say but very easy to locate online at places like Amazon I just bought some for my Kylo Ren mask and I LOVE it!


I hope this helps can't wait to see your progress.


When I set out to do a legion 1st as you are I take just as much time disecting and planning as I do sewing. This beautiful costume will be no different.


:) we are here to help!

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Thanks for the tips Amidala.


I've done up a mock tunic and hood using a pattern fabric which I was able to pin to see how it would look.

So far it looks ok but I'm going to try making the hood using some red material I have (a bit concerned about how it will fall with how heavy it is).


I've never heard of Sintra before, so I'll have to look into that. One of the local members suggested EVA foam as a starter so I might look into your suggestion since it sounds like it would look more solid when finished.


I've been umming and ahhing for a long time about this costume so it will probably take a while to get all the bits and pieces together. I've probably driven my partner crazy with how obsessed I was with the project the last few weeks (first handmade project anticipation), I went and found the skin packs from the game so that will help with getting the shape of the armour right (hopefully) and helped reinforce how things look and fit together.


Thanks again for the help and I'm sure I'll be asking countless questions while I get this underway :)

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Yes hood wise on my dark apprentice I went with a linen and I went one sides not Lined.I found that going two layers added to much bulk!


Also yes Sintra is so fun! Play with it and have fun :)

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Just an update on progress on my Dark Apprentice/Jedi Hunter for the last few weeks.


I've cut out and shaped the armour plates (used a thinner foam so this is version 3) to be attached to the leather gloves.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to coat the foam and make it more ridged?

I've watched a youtube video on using a smoothcoat product but it looks expensive and possibly for people with more experience.

Have to source a good local leather supplier to progress any further with these so I moved onto cutting out the shoulder armour.






This is the template form the game skin files for the shoulder armour, it looks like there is a collar piece that might help keep the hood to a good shape.

At this stage i've cut the main piece of the armour and hopefully will start the smaller pieces and the collar piece this week.


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