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PGH Visas Marr


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So I'm not entirely sure what the status of this will be... My wife is finnaly building a Visas Marr to pair with my Nihilus, but some plans are in motion which may interefer with the build and require bringing the whole thing in... At any rate figure I'd post a little progress... Thus far we have been cencentrating on tackling the veil... It's tricky she is happy with it, for my part I'm not sure.... Thw top seem bugs me.

Anyway here it is.



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Hi and welcome


Nice progress, but I see, what you mean ... the top front is a bit off and not the same height in the sides... try and look at this pic from my build (Katie made it for me), perhaps it can help you ?


The veil is very tricky to get right 



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I will show thios to the ife and see what we can do... Easy enough to seem rip the veil and re-do it... At least we won't have to redo the gold trim. I figure we have some time on our hands still we cna tsart the rest so may as well fight the veil.

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