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Good evening,


Lord Hethrir.


I really dislike the use of wikipedia as a reference for…anything. That personal preference is based on physical research and finding entries in the wikipedia trumped up to meet the author/fan’s personal desires. It seems Lord Hethrir does not appear in all the books mentioned in the linked article.


Of the four books on the list with visual entries that I personally own, his name is mentioned in three, and but only the Dark Side Source Book offers an image. A shoulders up, impressionistic portrait;



Other images I have seen have been hard to reference. Fan art, especially custom made TCG images, cannot be considered for 501st character reference.


The SWG character labled Lord Hethrir on images searches would need to be vetted as an essential NPC, and not simply a custom NPC someone labeled. And example of SWG tossing EU names onto non canon representations has crossed my desk before. Take this example of the SWG DURGE for example.


For 501st approval, vetted reference images of the character front to back, head to toe will be required. Lord Hethrir’s character appears to have been developed and killed off in the space of the story The Crystal Star (1994). He does not appear on the cover art.


A person interested in recreating this character and seeing it approved in the 501st would need to research images and vet them. Using google image search might be a start, but for something this obscure one may need to hunt down an purchase physical books and magazines. I suspect the lone head to toe line art that I have seen is from yet another RPG book.


Colour of the fabric would also need to be vetted.


If the individual is really interested in recreating this character, they should do so, regardless of possible 501st approval. Any research that they do along the way can only help.


Be well,


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