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Building a Mara Jade costume but have questions...

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Guest Dragon_Priestess08

Hello! I'm Dragon_Priestess08 and I am currently building a Mara Jade costume that I'm thinking of having 501st approved in time for C7. I bought some knee/shin guards and I'm curious to know if the 501st would approve them. I noticed that they are almost exactly like a Mara Jade that I saw on a few Star Wars magazine covers so I don't know if 501st will approve them or not. The link below takes you to the shin/knee guards. Any help and advice is appreciated! Also, I'm looking for a good jumpsuit to use but I can't seem to find a good one. If someone could help me find a good, comfortable, material that would be adaquette for the 501st that would be great! Thanks! =^.^=



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Hi Dragon_Priestess!


I'm not a Mara costume expert so I won't be able to provide a proper answer. However I did want to point your attention to the Mara Jade section of the forums. Not many people visit this section sometimes, so your question might get missed. Try posting it in the Mara Jade section and someone will see it and be able to answer you questions.






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I re-read the CRL

The black knee pads and shin guards are made of a rigid material such as plastic or fiberglass.

The knee pads are oval in shape.

The shin guards extend from the knee to the ankle, with black padding worn underneath.

The shin guards are worn over the boots and should be appropriately sized for the costumer.

The shin and knee guards may be custom sculpted to match the designs used in the comics, or they may be based on the police style shin and knee pads used in the Decipher image of Mara.


Understand that you can choice one image and make these leg guards

In decipher photo, for a card, the shin guards are very close to your election but the knee no match, must be more round



I hopes that usefull

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