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Found 14 results

  1. I am going to try to sell my Darth Revan I have had for a year now. I am in the process of making a ROTJ Darth Vader and I figured that I am always going to be trooping as Vader so I would love for Revan to go to a good home. I am 6' 6" and 260lbs if you want the boots you can have them but I have a size 15usa The armor is a full complete set you would get from Wicked Armor I am asking $900 obo You will also get the Darth Revan Lightsaber with sound it is the Utrlasabers "savior"
  2. Hello everyone, i'm finishing my Darth Revan costume and i'm looking for a lightsaber for the application. I found this one on the web. It's pretty cool, it has a lot of stuff like rgb colors and soundboard, and it's very cheap (like 90$). I would like to know if you think that it would be ok for the application! Thank you
  3. Hi all, I am in the process of attempting a 501st level Darth Revan costume, as I have loved the character and design since all the way back when Kotor 1 was released (still have my original copy somewhere). I haven't been much of a costumer as I lacked confidence and will (and money lol). But I have attempted a couple of other small costumes for various things over the years, Earlier this year I made a foam version of the costume and it's not exactly quality and I feel I need to take this a step further in upgrading it to a quality costume. MODEL 0 :My foam armour + ad-hock 2 hr before con mask Made it in a cave, with a box of scraps. I'm not a beginner at working with resins and other materials, but i am very out of touch and rusty as I haven't done anything for at least 10 years. I also live in a country where not everything is available or easy to get (or cheap). As a sorta test, I have started to make my mask first (technically last because I didn't complete it for my model 0). I looked around at all the options and all of them either looked off or wouldn't fit my tiny tiny head. So I'm sculpting it out of a sulfur free clean clay, and though i can get it mostly looking revanish, it looks kinda off since i haven't done this in quite some time. Any tips on what I should change, if that be angles or whatever would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to cast it in polyester resin with fiberglass (terrible stuff but available), and aerate it very well before use :> Anyway, that's the plan. (thats a children's mask btw) I think I may have some overhang no matter what due to the fact my lower jaw is actually shorter than it should be, and... I have a 1.5 inch long neck, maybe 2 if i push it. As for the rest of the armour, well, that's where I have big issues. I am a lady, and I will be very honest and up front that I have a big rack, on a tiny body. But it gets better, I have moderate scoliosis and my body is pretty deformed visibly and proportionally. My left hip bulges out and my chest is contorted and is not even and slants to the right. I don't really have a midsection either. My pelvis starts where my ribcage ends. And my shoulders are slanted permanently. When i constructed my foam armour version, I had to make a completely distorted pattern to fit my distorted body so it looks even(ish), however this won't exactly work with fiberglass as it has to look even and symmetrical. The armour I am also going to sculpt and fiberglass. I saw the options and taking control of the proportions and concluded that it is the better option. Maybe :/ With the issue with the female anatomy, I am unsure how to proceed as chest curves are hard enough without the added scoliosis issues on top. Do any lady Revan's out here have any advice on how to do their armour going over a curved chest but it looking flat (enough)? I think there will need to be a compromise somewhere and it would have to be the costume cause i can't change my genetics... The hand armour I plan to also sculpt and whip up in fiberglass. The gauntlets I read up how some people making mando armour sometimes use plastic cups and cut them and stick the details directly on them with putty or bondo. I was going to go that route. Anyone done this before? I know some plastics paint doesn't stick to them (like the original stormtrooper helmets). As for the soft goods part, I am a complete and utter newbie. I can hand sew, that's about it. I have some trouble understanding patterns or instructions without visual diagrams , but I am willing to learn new things. I've looked extensively at the game character model and know the sorta shapes but i don't know how to translate that into pattern making or even where to begin. It would be greatly appreciated if any would be willing to describe what kind of process or steps I would need to go through to achieve the shapes of the hood and caplet even if by scribbled hand drawn diagrams. I have seen a couple of people here that constructed their hoods like the game files like Darth Valkyria's. I found a drawn diagram of a kylo ren hood that gives me the basics but not on the shape for Revan or how to attach the front flange part. The bridge I am planning to do is a one piece like Azrayel74's, specifically because of my medical body issues. I guess I can strong arm the sewing but I haven't actually found any info about how this part is sewn proper. Is it pleating? Is it cushioning? Quilting? Is it glued? Also, how do you go about silverising the leather/pleather/vinyl? Shoe polish? I have concerns about paint and other things rubbing off. Any specifics on this? I found this material that is actually charcoal black but his just a slight metallic shine to it that might work. It's rather thick and might do the job (I don't have many options). Opinions? The tabard I have found some material that is shiny and looks very similar to the game model colour. It's a tad too red for my tastes and not burgundy/wine enough but it's close. Big question about the tabard though, is it quilted or pleated?? I have seen both done. I thought it was quilted but then i just saw a pleated one and that sewing may be beyond me.... The O-ring I plan to buy online on the etsy store, and reuse some of my belts and connecting rings (or find some more. Old handbags ftw). I have also noticed some of the specific dimensions for certain objects and parts on the crl don't work on me as well. 2 inch rings around my waist will look silly and I feel should be proportional to the individual. Have I just missed that part of the wording? I know that Wicked Armor exists and would love to own one (it's really a piece of art), but with the uncertainty of how it could fit or even the possibility of it even being able to be made for me due to the sizing. I would love the guy who makes them if he could sell the gauntlets and hand bits separately, but I doubt that's going to happen :/ I have contemplated getting maybe the soft goods because they are under a thousand dollars so i don't have to sew and source stuff, but I am unsure if the hood would be done the right way (my major concern) and without armour parts may not fit the costume in the end. I don't expect this costume to be swiftly constructed, but i do have a deadline on my mask at least. I have to have it fully finished by late september. Any info or help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello! I will be starting my Darth Revan costume in the next week or so. Through my research, it seems like Wicked Armor produces the pieces needed to get going. From what I've seen on these forums, I'll likely have to make some modifications for durability. Does anyone have experience purchasing through them or with the Revan set in particular? If so, what modifications did you need to do? With this kit, I'll still need pants and boots, but I think there are resources for that within this forum already. Feel free to lay your knowledge on me! Here's the link to the Wicked Armor Revan page. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all! | I'm currently working on my Darth Revan costume - it will be my first build approvable by 501st Legion. I have few questions, maybe they are obvious, but I'm newbie to these topics. First of all - fabric. What's the fabric have you used in your Revan's cape/skirt? Please give me it's name, it would be very helpful. There comes the second question - I want to 3d print the mask/buy it online, since it's cheaper than mold. I have found a lot STL files (3d objects) to print, i picked some good ones and, but.. i don't really know which one of these would be acceptable: 1. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2922721 2. https://www.etsy.com/listing/632133425/kotor-501st-darth-revan-mask?ref=shop_home_active_9 <-- it's ready to go item, but I don't know if this would be accepted. I don't trust the "kotor 501st (...)" description at all. All help/links will be very heplful. Thank you
  6. Hey everyone! (I apologize if this should go into the Tutorials section but since this is specifically for Revan I thought I should post it here!) My name is Rachel but I go by my artist name, NightShine!! I am a shameless nerd whose favorite thing to obsess over is – you guessed it – Star Wars! But even better than that is STAR WARS COSTUMES *whaaaaat*!! I’ve been cosplaying for a little over two years now and as of January 2016 joined the 501st ranks with my Darth Revan. The concept for Revan’s outfit has always been a particular favorite of mine and, being the artist-nut I am, decided to make my own Revan entirely from scratch! Upon my researching and building I, for some reason, couldn’t find information on how to make Revan’s mid-section armor to save my life. I had made a temporary one out of an Allergan air filter (lol) which didn’t look half bad but I knew that I would need to replace it sooner or later. Thankfully, I had made some amazing Mando Mercs friends, one of who was an excellent seamstress. She shared her knowledge with me on how I could go about making Revan’s mid-section armor and I set out to accomplish the task! This brings me to my post – I want to share my mid-section armor build knowledge in hopes that someone out there, who is having as hard of a time figuring this out as I did, could find it useful. There is also, obviously, more than one right way about making this – this was just how I made mine. I also just like making tutorials. Here we go!!! 1 - To start, I had purchased a black vinyl fabric from Joann's and cut it to *roughly* the size I knew I'd want it to be (PLZ PLZ PLZ always cut MORE fabric for stuff like this - unless you're working directly from a pattern - because it's easier to cut off excess fabric than to put fabric back on!!). 2 - Folding the fabric in half, I lined up, pinned, and sewed (one at a time) tiny foam noodles (Caulksav'r Poly-Foam Backer Rod 5/8 in (D) x 20 ft (L) brand name Dennis). You will need to use a zipper foot for this part (reference in picture 8, left side). I just sewed a simple straight line - nothing fancy for this part! 3 - The ridges are starting to come together! NOTE* I am using the zipper foot here - this particular sewing foot comes in handy when you want to sew directly up against an edge without going over it -- just make sure your needle has been moved ALL THE WAY over to the left or right (depending on which way you're sewing) or that needle will snap right off on your presser foot lol is scary 4 - Cut the excess fabric from the edges and started pinning the bottom (well, shown at the top here) excess to cleanly seal it off. 5 - Bottom is sewn to perfection and is ready to go! I used a combo of zig-zag stitching (to first seal off the visible, cut edges) and straight-line stitching (to hold down the fabric when it was folded over for a cleaner look). 6. Cut out excess foam lining (about 1 inch in my case) on each end to make room to sew the attachment parts onto, or you could just make sure in step 2 to have plenty of extra fabric on the end – your choice!
  7. I've started my planning phase of my Darth Revan. I have a few questions before I start putting things together. First thanks to anyone and everyone that helps. Question 1: what are some recommendations for materials on the cape, caplet, and hood. I was originally looking at rhino canvas black fabric. I want it to be as authentic as possible. I'm not worried about weight or heat. Question 2: suggested gloves and boots. As I am making 90% of this costume gloves and boots aren't one of them. Lol. I'll be thinking of many other questions soon.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm new here, and I'm finishing some adjustments of my Darth Revan costume to register on 501st. I would like to ask some advises for my vambracers and hand plates. what do you think about the vambracers on the photo bellow? It's a 3d print, do you think its fits on 501st requirements? Thanks PS: Asap I got the hand plates prototype i will post here
  9. Hello! I'm currently building Darth Revan. Starting from the bottom. I have a discussion regarding the CRL for Darth Revan. I've noticed it's lacking boot armor. I'd like / would prefer to have boot armor for more precise accuracy. In my opinion, it's a necessary detail. I'm requesting for this to be allowed optional, if anything. Are there any builders that can help build this / approve this request in the CRL? I'd say they have a similar appearance compared to Mandalorian Armor, Mark3. Please, let me know. Let's make this happen.
  10. hello everybody, i am currently working on a Revan costume from Star Wars The Old Republic (the redeemed/foundry variant, not the 'Shadow of Revan' variant). i had posted some progress pictures on my facebook page an one of them got a comment from my (Dutch) Garrison members. he asked: user nr 1: ''Is the version you're working on approvable?'' (he means for the 501st). some of the other members had answered him before i could, this is the discussion that broke out: user nr 2: ''No ... there is only 1 CRL for Revan, the original KOTOR version ... maybe he can offer the first variation as CRL? ;)'' user nr 1: ''Could possibly. Would it?'' me: ''Well... this version is not approvable for the 501st because good guy and everything, but it is for rebel legion'' user nr 2: ''"Good guy" ... very subjective. In SWTOR he wants to commit genocide to all Pureblood Sith'' me: ''But he works for the republic and ''helps'' the jedi. Although I assume that Revan is more gray than light at that point. The only thing I know is that this version of Revan has not been approved by the 501st but approved by the RL'' ''There are technically two different SWTOR Revans. One would be the light side and the other would be the dark side version from the recent Revan Expansion. Being that the Shadow of Revan is literally the embodiment of the Dark Side within Revan, I would say it is very much 501st.'' -The Flagship Eclipse'' user nr 3 (Dutch Garrison GML): ''Then I would build a build thread and see if you can comment on the DL'' user nr 4:''"I was Sith, I am Jedi" I think never is 501st worthy so, hippie Revan :p'' as you can see, there is some infighting, if you can call it that, within the Dutch Garrison about if the SWTOR redeemed/foundry variant is 501st approved. i thought i had done all my research and had found that this costume is ONLY approvable for rebel legion, but this conversation had left me more confused than before. so my question is: is the SWTOR redeemed/foundry version of Revan also approvable for the 501st or only for RL? (side question, just because i'm curious, is the SWTOR Revan mask (again, the redeemed/foundry variant, not the 'Shadow of Revan' variant) compatible with the KOTOR (501st approved) variant of Darth Revan?) thanks in advance. kind regards Siebe Foesenek, TK-17516, Dutch Garrison
  11. Darth Josh R

    Cool one

    From the album: My first album

  12. SO my revan is from Wicked armor. And i noticed the ring is not low enough (and the straps keep coming unglued!) So im thinking of remaking them. anyone have experience remaking this and can give me some advice? Example Picture The cloth belt part is also to small so ill need to remake that. Also a question for those who also got wicked armor. The skirt does yours go all the way around your waste or like 90% and you have to drag the rest connected. I think he might of just got my measurements wrong (as my gauntlets are almost to small as well!) Thanks in advance for any advice! Think i'm going to do the following Just from my own personal experience i think i need to do the black drap/shash remake (to small and hides rings) redo the leather looking part that holds the ring (as mine is to short![as seen in the picture] so the ring is normally on the armor not under it TT_TT and the sash ends up hiding the smaller rings TT_TT my details!) Maybe connect the rings to the cape (just looks cooler!) Might even sew the folds into place on the shoulder part. New skirt! The shoulder straps i might add into a buckle system (as another post on here did! smart idea!)
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