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  1. Hey Guys, I'm starting to work on my Darth Malgus Armor. Working on the respirator...
  2. Thx, And sorry to delay replay, i guess the TFE forum notification was on my spam box.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm working on my Nihilus (Kotor II) and I have a few questions about how to sew up cowl, specially because there aren't img on the CRL. If someone could share some extra details on that (maybe the patters will be very helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can you share your sound files or the addr where you've found it? Thanks
  5. Hi, Im building a Doctor Aphra for my wife and Im about to make the tattos for her, Here did you get the printed patern of the tattos? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I hope I'm not post this topic in wrong place. Well I would like know more about the tfe trading cards and if I can make mine. Thanks
  7. I'm a big guy (viking style with 6'6" high) the armor is tide on my chest. I'm with out the cape, it's give a impression the armor is a little big. Regarding the Mask maybe I need make so adjustments... But that one is the only one fits on my big head. Do think its approvable? Thanks for all the help
  8. Hi guys, I'm with out my cape ans there are a few more detail, but I think I'm almost done. What do you think?
  9. Hi, Im finishing my revan and probably next week I will resubmit my pics... Regarding that parts a friend of my has a company of 3D printing for cosplay, greeblies and props (also he is SW fanatic too) he made for me. Regarding the paint job I've used a regular gray primer, than a layer of black paint and finally I've used Cooper paint. I've applied 2 layers of the copper and the 3 layers of varnish. The force shall free me...
  10. Sorry I've not notice that. I will try move the pics for another place. Thanks for let me know.
  11. I've finished the painting and it's looks like stunning. I guess after Im install de rings and finished the bridge armor (leather middle part) it's approvable for 501st, isnt it? Thanks
  12. Thanks, I'm very glad to get that. This week I will star the painting Job and finishing the rest of the armor. When it's done I will post some more pics here.
  13. Valkyria, My chest armor is under primer yet and I'm fix any ring. But what do you thing about my armor? Thanks
  14. Thx, Im finishing painting the large ring and that 2 silver parts on the O-belt. And th new armor is on the way (full throttle). I think after I finished it my costume will be approvable. And I will be 1st Darth Revan in the Brasillian Garrison. The force shall free me!!!
  15. Look the final results of my bracers and hand plates. I think it's good, what do you think?
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