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  1. Pyro

    Mandalore The Ultimate

    This looks AMAZING!
  2. Pyro

    Hello everyone!

    Yes welcome to the detachment!
  3. Pyro

    Interest check; Flagship Eclipse vinyl sticker and others

    yes patches! I'd buy 2 patches and like 5 decals
  4. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

  5. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    My Revan is now approved! ... tumeID=105
  6. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    is there anything else i need to change on this?
  7. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    im going to be taking off the rings on the chest and that should fix the problem
  8. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    what do ya'll think?
  9. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    Iwas able to do the events here are some pics
  10. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    here is the new section
  11. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    New suggested paint job
  12. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    here is the new part for my Revan what do you guys think?
  13. Pyro

    Pyro's Revan WIP

    ok so i get denied on my 1st attempt because I didnt have the piping in between the chest and ab armor so I have it being made as I type!
  14. Pyro

    Darth Malgus

    I think it was a member of the Dark Empire Costuming Club ... malgus-wip