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  1. General Grievous - more times than I care to admit -
  2. tb1259

    Revan Owl

    Hey Owl, Boy that one looks familiar and has been owned by at least three SDG Members, myself including so yes - utterly understand (and why I never progressed with it) Come to a temple day we will give you some assistance (PM for details)
  3. Totally Didn't see this Hey All I'm 1259, (Real World Name David) from the Southern Dewback Garrison, I'm a 13 year veteran of the 501st Legion, having first joined in April of 2005. I don't really know what to say here other than i've spent a lot of the Legion Life serving you all, having been at all levels of command. Here, I'm the Captain of the Guard, meaning if you have a problem. Feel free to bring it to me! My door is always open!
  4. *laughs* that's why I went the KOTOR version
  5. Hi Mate, Just looking over your mask layout - It's a little off in my opinion, let me pop mine up for some help with reference. And you will have to ignore the cowl, i was having a bad cowl day lol
  6. Looking good, My Personal Advice is to make the Bunny Ears a full helmet, it will sit a little better and give a more uniform look.... happy to provide pics if you need them on my Revan Mask looks good, but the material's thickness is my only concern over it, you can see from the outside that it's pretty thick and not rounded off on the edges
  7. Actually it depends on the Version you run, Tunic isn't necessary at all for the KOTOR version (please see my piccies and I can post them if you cant find them... wait i'll do it anyways) But if it's the champions of the force version, then you definitely need tunics
  8. It could be shadows, but the back of the arrow shape left hand side doesn't look quite right. But otherwise, make that mask!
  9. That's looking SO much better
  10. Visually I'm thinking your on the right path and track now, by the photo the right chin bit's not looking the same as the left, but other than that you are definitely on the right track!
  11. Looks good, It does feel a little off thou - And I think it's the eyes - they are too pointed, where as they should be more round. If you want a heap of reference images, contact me on fb
  12. *laughs* Possibly But we wont go there will we lol At the end of the day, it's really up to which style your prefer. If you need some closer shots of mine, I am more than happy to take some.
  13. To me - it is artistic license I guess, Clearly the mask to me was meant to be a skull of some type. And in some of the comic images it gave the impression that it had cheekbones. I think it add more to the definition of the Mask and Look, It not that pronunced in Real life, but you look at it in photo's and simply smile. The mask looks menacing, which lets face it, is all about this most excellent Sith Lord
  14. You Might want to take a close look at mine for some inspiration Note that it wraps around the face a little more than it looks in your sculpt, also it covers back to about the 1/4 mark of the forehead. Note. Ignore the cape over my shoulders, I had an issue that weekend with the stablisation of how the cape sat. It's now fixed and held in place with a simple shortened strip of material
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