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  1. OP is talking about Kybo Ren not Kylo Ren http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/The_Revenge_of_Kybo_Ren I do believe he would fall under TFE, so welcome! (although Kybo Ren bares no affiliation to the Knights of Ren) As for how to do the colors, look to any costumes made for the clone wars. that would be my best guess for that starting point.
  2. If you are makeup savvy you can also try contouring to help prevent the washed out white look. It can be very tricky. (I am NOT make up savvy, so im still getting the hang of the contouring ) Noones skin tone is one solid color, so it can help give a not natural skin color the extra OMF needed to make it look realistic As mentioned above, stencils will be your friend. I use a stencil to make my triangles. ive cut a piece of makeup foam into the shape and size i need and i stamp the triangles on. Then i go over it again and darken it by hand in any spots that need it. As for the bald cap
  3. Also as far as I am aware the TFE is meant for expanded universe. The movies arent expanded universe. So they would fall under a different detachment (I could be wrong here, but this is my understanding of how TFE costumes work)
  4. Are you referring to these pictures? Ive been looking for pics of the knights of Ren for awhile and as far as i can tell these are just concept for Jedi killers. Have yet to see any conformation in anyway that they are in fact the Knights of Ren (other than fan speculation) If people in your garrison have seen other wise, I would love to see it! But for now, being that there are no images of their backs and sides, there isnt enough to do an accurate CRL.
  5. Unfortunately I still dont have detachment access. I checked my profile database on 501st and I am listed there as being affiliated with flagship, so as far as I can tell the issue isnt there. Some help would be much appreciated!
  6. requesting detachment access Ventress AOTC concept, badlands garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16158&costumeID=143
  7. I was grabbed for the flagship photos as I was already there for the legion picture. My tusken was way to warm, so I just went with my unapproved Ventress. Probably why you thought I was already a member of the detachment.
  8. I finished my AOTC Ventress a little over a month ago and wore it officially for the first time at celebrations. Even shaved my head for it I realized that I never posted on the forums about it and figured I should while I wait for it to be approved (already a member with another kit) I still suck at the whole posing thing I also lost more weight so the top is a little looser than it should be. Ill be figuring out a way to fix that in the coming weeks.
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