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  1. Nymalia

    New CRL costume

    Hello all! I am looking to do a character who isn't on the CRL yet. She's a SWTOR character. Darth Zash. Is the 501st accepting new Legends costumes? Did it go through the Flagship first? Any info is helpful. Thanks
  2. Nymalia

    Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Do you have any tips then?
  3. Nymalia

    Nihilus Tunic

    Yes thank you. Looking at a person is my right....
  4. Nymalia

    Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Yes, that's something I'm working on modifying. I've tried safety pins and they just come undone. I've got some fasteners I'm going to try. Thanks for the info though!
  5. Nymalia

    Issues on WA Nihilus build?

    Mine came with 2. The inner with the sleeves and the outer one that doesn't. Mine came with the Obi but not the outer belt.
  6. Nymalia

    Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Yes, I have a Wicked Armor COTF Nihilus costume and it was approved with no problems. I didn't use the hilt because it's just a prop and non functional. So I bought a real one. The mask was the correct one and all I had to buy was boots.
  7. Nymalia

    Nihilus Tunic

    It's right over left.
  8. Nymalia

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    Is this still a thing? I would love to do a sound loop or a push to talk with the Nihilus voices. He sounds amazing!