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  1. As Nightsister Naa'leth I was also the "guy from Ninjago" or Santa Claus :D and because of the facepainting I am a black metal fan of course
  2. But now I am working on the right hilt for the lightsaber...
  3. I just got the message!!! My Seventh Sister is now approved!
  4. Here is my belt - it does not exactly fit like the original (I am to short...), but I think it is okay. The two leather stripes are fitted together by... velcro (exactly )
  5. I can remove the facemask from the helmet. Great! ... I thought! I don't really like how it looks like. So my neckseal has the right shape at the cheeks but nobody will see it But here is my helmet (no - no lighting)
  6. Sewing the neckseal was a little bit tricky, but I sew the neckseal for the Nightsister... not so different. For rebuilding the linings I stitched with a thicker yarn.
  7. Shoes and chaps you can find as equipment for horse riding Just add the red stripes by using spray paint. I cut the chaps off to get them into the right size. They have got elastics at the back so they fit tight. You can use velcro as well to stick the edges at the bottom to the shoes instead of elastic straps round the sole. You can see the loop tape at the elastic part on the shoe shown below. It was important to me to create the arc at the instep.
  8. Chest, Back and undarm armor were painted already, also the helmet. I use velcro to get chest and back together and the "sleeves" as well. The underarm armor consists of two halfs connected by magnets.
  9. Funniest things were the gloves I have never sew gloves! Youtube was very helpful. It is very simple! That is how it looks to create them: Just take the different coloured fabric and add an elastic strap.
  10. Same I did with the pants: The knee details are stitched by hands also the red stripes at both sides.
  11. Next steps were to decide making all soft parts by myself or should I let it designed by a dressmaker? If you guys take a look at etsy you may understand why I accept the challenge to sew the jacket and pants on my own using some normal patterns and modulate them. For the white stripes I used transfer sheets you can iron on. The cogs are merch we can get from someone in our garrison
  12. Hej! It´ has been a long time ago that I finished my Nightsister Naa'leth costume and got it approved. In the meanwhile I have worked on a Galactic Marine and finished it successful. So it was time for a new costume and I was not able to choose ... should I go with a Biker Scout or some other Clone or be back at TFE with a new costume from Rebels? My boyfriend took it from me and in summer 2017 I had the BBB-Day (Big Brown Box-Day) But I could not start because of frozen shoulder syndrom - I could not use me right arm. Very painful and very exhausting and it took a very, very long time to heal. I had to wait until this years june, but as you all know there are a lot of researches to do at the beginning and that is what I started with. Even though I could not use my hands I could use my eyes!!
  13. Hej! Don´t get discouraged! The only rule you have to follow when there´s no CRL is: you need 3 different images from your favorite costume. So there a references shown your favorite character from all sides. And notice: get in contact to Detachement Leader in case you choose a costume with no valid CRL and start a very detailed WIP-Thread. This will help to get your costume approved in the end and maybe you can get extra useful tips. My character which I try to represent is a 1.98 m / 68 kg thinny female - not really what I look like in real life - but it was the one costume I liked from the first moment I saw it. And so I choose to be this lady. By the way that is what the 501st is about - represent a star wars character by making your own unique and accurate costume. Good luck! Hope to see your WIP in near future!
  14. Requesting full Detachment Access DS-50174 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18584 Thanks!
  15. Hi! Thanks for the compliment. Did she already decided which one she wants to build? It was my first work with a sewing machine. Not as complicated as it looks. YouTube helped me out several times The only difficulty was to create the pattern by myself because there weren't any to find. But of course she can contact me if there are questions. I'm looking forward to see the next Nightsister WIP Unfortunately there are no CRL for the The Clone Wars Nightsisters completed. Steffi / Naa'leth
  16. With gratitude I can announce the approval for my nightsister Naa'leth costume ! I´m working on my hood within next two weeks to get a better proportion to remedy any uncertainty. Many thanks to all involved!
  17. Nearly six weeks now since I´ve send my pics and proposal And that´s while I´m not a patient one... uugh So I decided to have fun by guest trooping Here on my mission on this years RolePlayConvention: You can see I´ve built the dagger for Naa'leth ´cause her bow isn´t finished.
  18. So I hope we´ll meet there. Best is to be approved until then
  19. Many thanks! I have to wait I think 'cause of the legion elections and until celebration Anaheim is over. Do you mean the Legoland event in June? Even if I´m not approved I will attend as guest
  20. So... work is done - Yes! The paint job is really wonderful on every single part! Now it looks harmonious... Here are some parts: Meanwhile I could enhance the knees to comfortable wearing: Also finished the neckpiece: So now I look like: My work is done for now ... Please guys wish me all the best for approval Additionally I worked on the bow for my nightsister - here how it looks so far: I have to work on intricacis and then make the varnishing. The bowstring will be purple EL-wire...
  21. Uuhh.. so long without any new post With working on the hood (got the best boyfriend of the world) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is what it looks like at the moment: and with the up coming paint job to make it more realistic to the original the work will end up in april - wish me luck Additionally I worked on the neckpiece - sorry I have no pics in the moment. In the meantime I had another guest troop: (behind Darth Vader)
  22. Hello again! I´m still alive and furthermore interested in finishing the project "Naa'leth". Sadly I found no solution for the problem with my wig. So I need to find an other way out: My Naa'leth will wear the hood and fortunately I found someone willing to build it for me. For that I coloured my fabrics into darker red and so my kitchen looks like a real witches´ laboratory Meanwhile I got the chance to test my costume: I´ll make corrections with the straps around the legs - I am not really happy with them for now. And I´ll fix the jacket to the top so it can´t get out of place which so far resulted that wings and the short sleeves doesn´t fit properly... I´ll try to fix these things until 3rd of october - ´cause of my next appearence as Naa'leth at this year´s Jedi-Con. Bye for now!
  23. Many thanks! My desire was to stay as close as possible to the original Being no dressmaker or tailor I came as quickly to my limits - with this projekt I first started using a sewing machine I´ll try to sew single stripes aslant on a piece of fabric so it´ll look more like the wraps on the reference picture... it is not possible to do it with elastic fabric because of the colour. There was no chance to get elastic fabrics (jersey material) in the right colour and their mixture (synthetics) makes a coloration impossible... everywhere I searched for the right kind of fabrics there were only three different shades of red and they all did not harmonize with the ones I´ve choosen. Thank you for this feedback, I´ll hope to finish my costume soon...
  24. Hello everybody! Sorry that I´ve went into hiding for a while but I was busy and down with the flu ... and that in summertime So let´s see what had happened since my last post: Before sending my pics for approval I got a really fair-minded feedback which contains some suggestions for improvement to my costume the way it looks at this moment. I´d really like to thank the guys for that honest reply In fact that there is no solution for the "wig-problem" (I asked a wigmaker if it is possible to get it look like it has to but she couldn´t provide any opportunity) I´m in need to get the hood Naa'leth is wearing sometimes like all other Nightsisters do. So I think my pic with the wig how it looks at this moment looks like a little disaster: What else? I have to find another colour for the facepaint because in connection with the white make-up the grey one turns into ... blue or some kind of purple And I must fix the wings in order to spot them at the right position. I think thats it for the moment. Please feel free to give me more constructive criticism For now soccer has taken over ...
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