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  1. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    I have been pondering about the color and have decided to wait and see how the rest of the costume will work out. I have ordered a dark brown die, which I can use, in case it is too pale. At the moment I am still waiting for the fabric of the top. There has yet been another delay at the printer. So annoying when you just wait for one small thing.
  2. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    I`ll put it into consideration. It isn`t that dark a brown and most of the time the skirt actually does look so pale, unless she`s indoors and in the shade (as Clone Wars is rather dark, there is alot of shadow and dimm light). I must admit, that with this costume I am strongly going on the pictures and the actual series as reference. The Rebel Legion has criteria, but I don`t agree with the almost black or blue when it gets to the skirt. If in doubt, I will take my other fabric, but that one certainly does not fall as nicely. Lets see where this costume build will take me. I am always keen to hear more feedback.
  3. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    The skirt is done !!! At the end I didn`t`t take the heavy cotton, but opted for a paler viscose fabric. I myself think the color matches the one from Clone Wars much better. It falls beautifully and if all goes well the fabric for the top will be here soon... Needless to say, hopefully the brown matches. If not I am back to square 1. Now its starting to take shape and I am excited to see the results.
  4. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    Thanks! Actually I am not so terrified of the sewing part... I always get nervous when it gets to the constructing. Leather and Worbla are not my strong suit here. The patterns are brilliant, but I can`t make up my mine about the material for the skirt and there has been a delay with shipping the striped brown jersey (2 months!!! Help!!! There goes my July deadline ) But below and behold. My wig has arrived and I started experimenting. I myself think the wig is quite close to the hairstyle you see in all the footage, but the head cover is not quite as I would like to to be. For a starters... sewing with highly elastic material is a pain. Secondly; the brown looks a tad too pale. The new approach might just be a band attached to the neck of my top (which is turtle neck style anyway). So definitely NOT giving up! I assume everyone of us has stories about costumes which simply can`t move on, because some supplier is taking their own sweet time.
  5. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    So have been lucky and unlucky. Unlucky, as the printed material has arrived and so does not match anything that I`ve got. So another order and another wait of 1.5 months And lucky... found a beautiful dark brown cotton material, which should do for the skirt. And to make things even better, I`ve also found the right sewing patterns for both skirt and top. I have set myself a time limit... lets see if I can keep it.
  6. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    To do: pick right textiles (stoff.de, stoffe.de, creasphere) prepare bib (pleate and sew approx 1 m2 for later use) me headcover (wish, local bike store) sewing done by me brace / armpiece (material Worbla, leather, paint) cooperation with friend boots already there belt already made (leather and metal, handmade) skirt probably me top (bib by me and rest commissioned by local seamstress as I am absolutely bad with tops Anything missing? Let me know!
  7. Yulistar

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    I`ve been doing some homework and now have started putting up a plan. For the moment I have following things to consider: 1. All the pictures show her in brown / dark brown (so I guess that my black and blue version is not doable). Which is why I have gotten a few brown materials to work with. 2. When looking closer and trying out, I figured that is might actually be more accurate to pleat the material meant for the bib and maybe also the rest of the top. I have a developed a few striped textiles and am now waiting for production. I am playing with the idea of a printed top and the middle part aka the bib will be pleated. 3. As head cover I found a motorcycle mask at the local store and think I`ll be able to sew and cut it to make more space for my face and to show the hair. 4. So what have I got? Easy: the approved belt (made of real leather and metal and was stitched by hand at the time), which fortunately looks the same in both versions and the black boots.
  8. Hello everyone I am already a registered Barriss Offee for the Rebel Legion. But now I am aiming for another version and I am going for the traitor Barriss in Clone Wars. i`ll be using this platform to show you guys my progress and ideas and hope you can help me when I am lost.