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  1. Newly approved Sith Lord SL-3686 Darth Nihilus (cotf) Requesting detachment access please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13843
  2. Hello New developments have, feel free to comment, Thank you
  3. Thanks, I'll be careful. now I have left so to have leeway wear.
  4. [/uR Here is my first test with the dressmaker. I hope the fabric look good. I have long ceased to wear down well. As seen?
  5. Hello brothers Use the google translator, sorry if you are not correct. I am interested in this dress, but there are doubts. The CRL is incomplete, missing the main belt and gloves. That size should have the buckle? We must make the case 100% 100 CLR, boots and do not seem correct either the tattered skirt, what should I do? Someone can you help find good pieces? thanks
  6. OK thanks Once you have photos of the process, now it is not possible
  7. hello A new beginning. After my first failure. I'll sew with the help of a friend my new Nihilus. I need to know the separation of the sleeve stripes. And along the inner tunics
  8. Hello sisters This is the sign that I have and the fabric more like I've found. Are saying? to buy. thanks
  9. Hello Starbuck I'm looking for a good fabric.
  10. Your Visas looks great Thanks for your help, I'm having trouble finding a good burgundy fabric
  11. I need to find a good fabric, dark burgundy. To bring everything to the dressmaker
  12. hello Thanks for help. Your photos are very good. She likes Visas Marr: Unseen, Unheard. The stripes are painted gloves?
  13. hello My wife is determined to accompany me on missions. We really like the outfit Visas Marr, believed to be very comfortable for her. I'm helping you everything I can, but now I am asking for help mentors and experts. I have two swatches of a sister with approved suit. The skin I think is good. but the abode not find the same color.
  14. Hello brothers and sisters I have already received my mask Nihilus, Wicked Armour. It looks great. I paid the Nihilus outfit GALACTIC Quartermasters, but no signs of it? Javi SL/TI-3686
  15. then Wicked Armour as my first choice is good. Well, I'll wait some more. thanks Javi SL/TI-3686
  16. Hello Mike thanks for looking. I need someone to do it for my clothes and mask. wickedarmor seem right, but not responding. I'm a little lost. Javi SL/TI-3686
  17. Hello brothers I am of the Spanish garrison. I would like to wear a COTF Nihilus. No where to start. Feel free to communicate any suggestions. This is google translator sorry if not correct JAVI SL/TI 3686
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