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  1. Just approved Mara Jade/Arica here. Requesting detachment access please. DZ14006
  2. CrimsonDawn

    Mara Jade Arica Build

    Hello everyone! I am so excited to post my WIP thread for my Arica costume. I'm a teacher so during the summer I have downtime and decided to work on this costume for dual legion approval. The one thing I found was that there isn't a lot of source material for this particular costume. Just a few shots and fan art. I researched what others had done and kind of went with it from there. This is my primary reference photo. I was able to find a great knit fabric at JoAnn's on sale this week and bought 3 yards. In hindsight, prob could have used 2 or less but yay extra fabric in case of mistakes! The skirt I basically cut two panels (almost identical to Slave Leia skirt panels) and when I cut, I added a side band. I stitched the panels together at the sides and added a belt loop over the seam per the standard requirement. For the cape, I lay flat on the material and measured my wingspan. I initially cut it too long as shown here: But after conferring with a judge on the 501st side, I shortened it by 12 inches. I was able to find some random jewelry at Claire's for the circlet and bracelets needed. I bought very pliable bracelets and bent them in place and hand stitched the fabric around them. I am going to take the top ones and position them a little closer so I have more of a drape but overall I like how this came out. I found a mesh black bodysuit at Windsor and it works perfectly! All I need to do is stitch the blue bra portion to it. I found a headband at Claire's that worked great for the circlet! It had some mesh gold lace over it but I was able to cut it off and have a plain silver one. I then bought blue/teal gems at Joann's and glued them to the headband at my temples. I found thigh high dance warmers and am just waiting for them to arrive but I used these as placeholders for now. I also lucked out and found a blue bikini bottom that matches my skirt so I can wear it under my skirt for modesty and not worry about anything showing through. I am wearing silver sandals but also have these in black. Would the silver be approved or should I change them to black for my submission shots? Here is my step by step how to for how I did the bodysuit "bandeau". As mentioned in my previous post, I had already purchased a mesh bodysuit from Windsor and was using that as my base. I put the bodysuit on and measured roughly what areas I would need covered and how long the piece would need to be. Once I had those measurements, I took some scrap fabric and marked the length and width and also the center of the piece so I would know where to curve it in etc. I then sketched out the wings and the center pattern just to see if everything aligned how I needed it to. I cut out the mock piece and pinned it to me to see if it covered everything I needed it to. I realized my mistake only after doing this. I had measured with my bra ON and since I won't really be able to wear one with this (yay pasties :( ) I had to remeasure without a bra to get the accurate sizing I needed. Once i was satisfied with the overall look, I then cut out my mock pattern onto newspaper so I could have a paper pattern to work off of on my actual fabric. I cut my pattern on the fold so that both sides of the wings would be the same and added about half an inch for seam allowance. I cut two pieces and pinned them together before sewing. The knit was a tad slippery so I really made sure everything aligned before I put it all together. I ended up making the wings a bit thinner and more finger shaped and that helped a lot when placing on my actual bodysuit. Once the actual bandeau piece was sewn together, I tried it on with my bodysuit to make sure it was sewn in the correct spot and everything was covered. Luckily, it did. :mrgreen: It wasn't too difficult to attach it once it was pinned so then I simply sewed the bandeau piece to the bodysuit itself. Once that was done, I put the bodysuit in an embroidery hoop to center the designs I needed to add to it. Because its a bodysuit, it provides more support on top and for that I am thankful. I did a full try on with all the pieces and am very happy with how its all come together. My thigh high dance tights should arrive tomorrow and then I can make submission pics. I ended up remaking my skirt and used an overlock machine so it wouldn't pull at the sides. I also patterned this second version differently. I cut two rectangles across my front that were the proper length and then cut a side 3.5 inch rectangular piece to attach. This worked a lot better in terms of construction. I then made 2 belt loops for each side. One is required but figured I might as well add both just to keep it even. The belt loops went over the seam lines and attached at the back. I have a wig that I forgot I owned. It was a tad long so I trimmed the back slightly to match the reference and voila! Done! I took submission photos and think I am ready to go. Any comments or tips are appreciated. Thank you!