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  1. The online fabric store https://www.onlinefabricstore.com/black-cotton-jersey-knit-fabric-.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlK-WBhDjARIsAO2sErR0yhuDjsRFa9AN3hWvuXlrI9-pc-fe5ej2pUoQnOvDeqGsX_LdEW4aAkI0EALw_wcB
  2. @Officercato What about jersey fabric? Or poly stretch viscose fabric?
  3. Collectors outpost has started selling what I believe are 1:1 scale replicas of the grand inquisitor pin, I think this would be cool for Reva since she wears it as well at one point. https://mycollectorsoutpost.com/products/grand-inquisitor-symbol-star-wars-obi-wan-kenobi-enamel-pin
  4. Hi Lindsey! It would be under Research and Development, Comic Characters: https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/190-comic-characters/
  5. Liner fabric came in, I think it came out pretty good in Satin! there's a nice reflective shine in it as it moves.
  6. I think I found at least the right color for the fabric, the fabric sample I got recently itself looks quite nice. This is the fabric under standard lighting. This is edited with a bright blue lights filter, to mimic the bright blue lights of the Volkswagon booth. (used on the red carpet to prevent it from being too bright like orange or white lights would do.) The color is a dead match.
  7. After some further analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the liner is not a rubber coat or a high-density print but a standard printed fabric on a glossy fabric like a high luster satin. It's bothering me seeing the crushed-looking sections down below in this picture by the cape corners (I'm assuming it was stepped on a couple of times) and I don't believe something other than flat printed fabric will behave like that and still obtain its original design. The same can be said for Reva's fabric, the one that looks like chain mail. Look at the gloves and how the curve over her knuckles, it's very smooth and doesn't stick out at all, it's probably a 3d effect 2d image screen print fabric.
  8. Just a heads up the Vintage collection figure of Reva has started hitting stores in New Zealand already.
  9. Did a test print of the previous iteration last night, came out pretty well for a 13-hour print. Current printing is a bit longer and a tad less wide. The shoulder parts of the chest need to stick up a little and they can't go over the ball of the shoulder.
  10. Gio currently has a 6-8 month wait on custom orders at the moment. I'm a little bit worried about the seam in the front of the boot there, the LMO team can be picky.
  11. Had to make some alterations to make it a teensy bit more accurate, mainly elongating the chest and making the back box smaller. I also curved the belt boxes.
  12. I have test fabric coming in tomorrow, and I just got the 3d print models I commissioned The-Heaven-Studio for! This is a complete 1:1 digital replica of the costume armor seen at Celebration recreated with over 250+ photos and references used to sculpt it. Everything is accurate according to photos with the exception of the back plate, the top is accurate but below the box, it's imaginative as we have not seen that yet.
  13. Thanks! I have Identified the Grand Inquisitors' boots. They are Tuff rider brand Equestrian boots. they have the same tongue, spur rests, and unique details. There is a stretch panel in the back of the boots along with a zipper. I created a collage of my findings below. These are not standard or ordinary riding/officer boots. Though I can see officer boots being a basic approval, any higher must use these. There are some modifications such as the top strap being removed and the Spanish head style at the head of the boots has been removed/cut off so the head of the boot lays straight and flat instead of curved. Initially, I was puzzled about the use of a stretch panel, but then recalled that we started seeing them on Imperial officer boots in the Mandalorian Season 2.
  14. After some discussions with my garrison mates and seamstress, I'm going ahead with this: It matches perfectly to the Inquisitor fabric in weave and matches the product images in color. It also matches the fabric without flash in person at Star Wars Celebration. As a bonus in low-light environments, it appears as below.
  15. Thoughts on this? I found a grey fabric that looks exact or close to the Grand Inquisitors:
  16. The boots were heavily modified, tall boots can be incredibly expensive, and they probably got the cheapest pair they could find and filleted it for production.
  17. The most recent episode shows a lining to Reva's cape. It looks like black satin. I don't remember seeing it though on the costume at Celebration.
  18. Screen printing was something I was thinking of doing, possibly instead of using a urethane, maybe a clear and glossy plasti dip? What were the glossy options that you've seen?
  19. I'm thinking of doing plain fabric printed, with a coat of urethane as you suggested above to give it the glossy look.
  20. I did! I took over 400 photos of all the inquisitor costumes
  21. What service are you using for the high density printing?
  22. Ripping my hair out. After several tests, there's no possible way it can be leather or faux leather of any kind due to movement. It has got to be a high luster Satin or a PLU laminate.
  23. I haven't commissioned from them before, but I saw that Amion Costumes has made Grand Inquisitor soft parts for a 501st member.
  24. I believe I've also found the exact color for the cape liner. The base is a dark moderate red, with the circles being a very dark red.
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