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  1. Request SLD access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27834&costumeID=106
  2. I recently broke out my old LG G3 and added the RoboVox app. It costs 1.99 in the app store. Has several setting but I use Shift Pitch. Download the app. Use a good external speaker Plug a standard audio splitter into the headphone jack on your phone Plug both the speaker and the mic into the splitter. Start talking and move the crosshairs where you like it to get the sound you want. The app starts in the center left. Moving down for deep and up for high pitches. Moving right adds echo.
  3. I a couple of tips, on the mask.... The ones wicked armor sell are fantastic. I got mine there. However, on the top of the mask are 3 oval coming from the sides of the larger oval. For COTF approval there can be only 2 on either side. You will have to remove one from each side. It was pretty easy to do. I used an exacto knife and carefully cut along the bottom of the "button" until they came off. Then sanded the spot where they were. Here is my mask: Before After I also notice that the knot on your cape has the ends of the ties showing. Those must not be visible. I just tucked mine back into the knot once i had it tied where i wanted it to be.
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