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  1. I used some cotton like fabric (not pure cotton), light /medium material, and very nice to wear. I trooped outside with 32 ° Celsius, no clouds, and it was still OK. Since you have to use the same fabric for the veil, make sure you can see through it, and that the eyes are not visible from the outside. If the costume is worn for some hours, it's very useful to see as much as possible. Take some fabric which doesn't crease too much.
  2. Hej Heavy1973. Thank you very much. Your posts on your WIP helped me a lot too
  3. The veil: It has been quite something! The worst part of the costume for me.I did a second one, the first was too large at the back, and I didn't feel OK with it. I started with printer paper to get an idea of the front of the veil fitting to my head. I attached a printed copy of the pattern. Painting Almost done Since it was my first sewing project, I used an old fabric to have a pattern for the inner dress. Now comes the funny part: The Outer Dress! Some cheap fabric to try a pattern first, before cutting the faux leather. Cutting and assembling the faux leather I painted the pin wheel like that......it took some time, but it was nice to do it.I used a marker from Liquitex, light grey. Progress Gloves Finally....trooping this time at Luxcon, Luxembourg 2018
  4. Hi, here are some photos of the making The costume has been approved, and so far I've done 4 troops wearing it. More on the way. Thanks to the forum with all the helpful information. Daya 501st Luxembourg Outpost
  5. Hi , I'm Daya (Danielle) from Luxembourg. I just finished a Visas Marr SL 21118 . I'm happy to have joined the legion.
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