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  1. Ubernostrum

    Kyberlight saber

    Thanks for the offer, but I came to the same conclusion you did and decided to buy another Shock from US.
  2. Ubernostrum

    Revan's Lightsaber

    Does the LE actually have enough gold on the pommel? I myself have a regular show with the entire emitter and pommel powder-coated, which is made a lot easier by the fact that they come off.
  3. Ubernostrum

    Kyberlight saber

    Kyberlight is running a pretty decent sale right now and I'm seriously considering it as I can get two new sabers for about the same price as an Ultrasaber with the same features. The only thing is there really isn't a perfect Revan match. I'm thinking these three pieces would be the best choice after some 3rd party powder coating, but I'd like to see what others think before I take the plunge. Thanks, Uber Emitter: Main hilt: Pommel:
  4. Ubernostrum

    Additional Darth Revan Reference Photos

    Thanks, that's perfect.
  5. Ubernostrum

    Additional Darth Revan Reference Photos

    Thanks! I really appreciate how on-top of the forums you are as a DL
  6. Ubernostrum

    Additional Darth Revan Reference Photos

    Does anyone have good shots of his purple saber? I'm looking at getting a second (currently have just the red one without sounding) and am trying to figure out if they should be truly identical.
  7. Darth Revan (SL-52763) approved today, requesting TFE detachment access, I should already have full 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=21169&costumeID=105
  8. Ubernostrum

    Voice Amp?

    Beware the cheap stuff. I bought a Croove setup for about $30 and mounted it in my TK chestplate. If I turn the volume up enough to actually hear me, there's a continuous static buzzing.
  9. Hi, I'm Matt, aka TK-52763 of MidSouth Garrison out of Knoxville. I've been in the 501st for a little over a year and a couple recent long troops have me wanting to do something that lets me sit down =). With Multiple Vaders and Kylos, I'm debating between Nihilus and Revan.