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  1. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello again. Gloves just arrived. A small little step. Greetings.
  2. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Agree. The sleeves of the outer robe, I think they are not as long as seen in the photo. The only thing that happens is that I put a double pad to enhance your shoulders. I think if you remove the problem will be solved. I thought that it should be higher. But it is true that seeing the photos of the CRL, the robe falls on the shoulders. And it is better. It's my fault. Thank you.
  3. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello, here I am photos made fabric pattern of what in the future will be the outer skin robe. It is a sketch. Now it only remains to cut and sew this pattern. I hope it's all okay.
  4. You can read mi WIP. If you have any question, please contact me. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2097-hello-from-spain/
  5. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Thanks for the feedback. The theme of drawing gold paint color, patterns have made with Autocad. I have printed my actions and I modeled, then paint on the sleeves and veil. I offer to help in whatever you need. .
  6. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Here I show the inner robe and veil, finished. The green fabric is the pattern I'm using for the outer robe. It is unfinished. Much remains to sew. The fabric pattern in green I've tried it the other way around. So you can see the cut of the skirt on the opposite side. All this is a first version or outline of what will be the outer robe.
  7. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello here I put pictures of the boots. I think that meet the requirements of the CRL. Thank you.
  8. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Thanks for your advices.
  9. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello here I show pictures of the veil and the almost complete inner robe. The veil still need to cut and sew whole. It is caught with needles. As for the sleeves of his robe, you can see the slightly shorter than the left and right. The problem is that I have the right arm shorter than the left (suffer a cerebral palsy as right hemiparesis), and if I reach the right side to match it with the left, the right sleeve would stand up to the wrist and then there is as it indicated in the CRL. I can extend the right sleeve a little more to equalize the two sides. I hope you understand this physical problem I have. Any advice?Thank you.
  10. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello again. I did another test with another product to dye the skin. I believe and hope it is the ultimate solution. It is other than the above. Just expand homogenously for all sites.
  11. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello again. I managed to obscure the lines of the pattern. It is the maximum that can be darkened. Greetings.
  12. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hi, thanks for appreciation. It is difficult to repaint the already printed again and darken skin. The drawing black skin is shiny, which makes its once bright gray color pattern. There's a fellow here in Spain that has the same suit and is the one recommended this because it's printed cloth which she used to make her suit in February this year and had no problems.
  13. isis

    Hello from Spain.

    Hello, I'll show you three photographs ofthe overdress. As do the picture with more or less light, drawing embellishments are of a darker or lighter color. Here I show you the problem I have when taking pictures for discharge. But I can assure you that the lines of the drawings are light gray. So I picture with frame skin sample, which have not yet been cut to show the light gray with white background. If there is a clear reflection of light at the time of taking the picture, the color changes completely white, and if you take the picture from some distance, looks white.
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