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  1. We're actually working on the CRL text to adjust for this. The back zip is still hidden by the cloak, so I have no issue with it. So long as it isn't on the outside of the sides or on the front, I would approve for basic approval. If you don't want to pay that much, you can often find square toe boots on ebay that you can modify.
  2. I haven't seen the soft parts or the final armor from Walt, so I'm not sure yet on that one. He showed me the molds and they seemed good enough, but that was all, really. For the soft parts, though. Make sure the shoulders aren't pleated and that the skirt waist band sits entirely under the armor. Also, the cape needs the correct pleats on it, so make sure those are proper.
  3. For how old and unsure these are, that could be helpful.
  4. It is also technically not official as it was created externally by an artist friend of Spanos. We still utilize it, but it isn't a first level reference.
  5. I just meant the game file design. The front and back armor don't line up in the center portion of the upper body, so it makes fitting things weird.
  6. Yeah they don't line up. It makes it weird.
  7. Yeah I'd say it's close enough.
  8. The Holocron is currently down, so we'll have to validate this a little later!
  9. I figure, if the motivation comes back and you've sold the costume, that's that much more work you have to do to get back to where your are now.
  10. I don't myself in that situation here and there. In those times, you really have to think on if this is something you really want, and if so, put it aside for another time until the motivation is renewed and resources are available. If not, sell it.
  11. I can submit the request to LMOs and get their verdict as they would be the final arbiters on it regardless. Plus, new LMOs and recent Charter/OP character alignment changes open up more options. Let me send them the info and I'll let you know when we receive a response after they vote (usually takes about a week).
  12. If you fill it with the Bondo you can Dremel over it once it is dry and recenter them.
  13. Completely spaced on her lvl 2, good catch. Still unsure if we have any guides, though you could check her subforum.
  14. Looks like you have a solid plan. Just remember that you needs the straps and rings to modify the MWA ab and kidney armor for approval. For hilts, they are not required for approval, so don't let that hold back submitting. But yes, the correct ones are often times a pain to locate right away. I actually had a machinist make my empty hilt and it cost me about $100.
  15. I don't believe any of our characters have backlit visors, so most likely not.
  16. Similar to the BHG Greedo CRL that is being grandfathered in 6 months due to inaccuracies and lack of member desire to correct them, we have decided, along with LMOs, that the Starkiller: Dark Apprentice Robes CRL will be grandfathered 6 months from today (October 1st, 2022). There is only 1 member approved with this costume, and they have previously responded that they do not intend to update the costume to better suit the references. Given this, if any other members want to work with the Detachment to improve the costume, then the CRL can stay published. Once grandfathered, any new costumes of this CRL must go through a full NTTL process.
  17. (they're ladies gloves but if you size the hand you can get a larger size and it works)
  18. Those would be too long and are too shiny. You'll want something like these in the 30 length. https://www.refusetobeusual.com/products/28cm-mid-forearm-genuine-leather-runway-fashion-formal-party-cosplay-lady-gloves
  19. The only thing I can see is that the heel of the boots might be a bit too high. Otherwise, everything looks like it is coming along nicely!
  20. If it comes down to it, you could always take one of these types of buckles and modify it with an etched line down the center.
  21. If you search for mid-forearm black leather gloves there are a few options. Just have to make sure they aren't embellished or have extra seam decoration.
  22. Hello! Need to know which version first as they use different gloves.
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