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  1. You wanted it too bad and the universe knew. 😂
  2. Was looking for a GML message about the approval and came back to find the first message never sent and saved as a draft! So, take 2. You need to apply to the unit and have the GML post it under the TFE forums in the proper thread. We will look it over and then if it is good to go, we give it the all clear and the GML will add it to your profile.
  3. This slipped right past my notifications. 1. I like MWAs V2 Revan armor best of the available vendors. 2. No clue there, I had mine custom made from a friend back in the day. 3. Those work just fine. 4. Not for Revan. 5. I don't know if MWAs kits include a balaclava or not.
  4. I'll be happy to finally see him in TFE if you build and get approved! Now we just need Darth Sion and we'll have all the masters of I and II.
  5. A belated congrats for approval!
  6. From my recollection, it was a black upholstery faux leather that was weathered with silver paint. You can find it at Joann's.
  7. Hopefully he can sell them separately!
  8. I WANT A FEMALE/FEMALE PRESENTING ARMOR SET VERSION LISTED. I am clearly excited about this. Lol.
  9. Happy to announce after after a vote, LMO said it is approvable under the RLA, so huzzah!
  10. The email from LMOs seems to Denis that there isn't enough to validate approval.
  11. P.s. I officially submitted the inquiry to LMOs about inclusion into the 501st, so it'll be a week or so before we hear back.
  12. They was actually my thought. Iirc, Second Sister is canvas cloak.
  13. Those are definitely not approvable for Revan. Just search black leather square toe boot and sort through them. I found mine in my size on eBay, but you can also check Poshmark and Mercari. You want to stay away from adornments and decorations unless they're removable.
  14. No, it's definitely more of a fiber than those. You don't want a felting type of fabric.
  15. There is definitely some sort of woven texture based on the concept images, but also heavy enough to drape and soft enough to flow.
  16. Yeah modification would be fine, but heads up that you'll most likely need to repaint the entire armor. I can give you some color combos if necessary.
  17. The, "kama" is definitely a single piece with 2 flaps hanging down. I agree it would attach in the back logically. I would say the best bet for the cogs is actually painting it. The vinyl wouldn't match the texture of the cape, which shows to have a slight texture from the concept. It would be similar to the Second Sister cogs.
  18. Also shows gloves and bracer are, in fact, 2 separate pieces. Should make it easier for construction.
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