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    Here's the thing: these are animated characters. There isn't just one right answer because these are like art; the reference can support a handful of interpretations. The armor color is mottled, and is not just one color. I'll give an example of my favorite boots. These are black underneath, and the wax polish on top marked them look anything from grey to dark brown, but I know for a fact that the leather is black because I'm the one who put the polish on. It is the weathering that dictates how people interpret it, but these are what they looked like when I bought them: This is a real world translation of what the armor looks like in the cartoon. Now to the CRL. It is an animated cartoon, and just like 99% of the rest of our CRLs in TFE, the colors change as much as the number of times the character is seen. There is an accepted level of colors on a gradient that could be argued for the character's armor, but that does not make the CRL wrong. We only make CRLs for, "variants" that are approved, otherwise we'd have a 48 page long CRL for Aphra, alone, with all the Barbie dress up versions she has in the comics. So the correct statement isn't, "how can we make it not inaccurate?", but, "do I have the references to validate my interpretation for approval, which can then be ADDED to the existing CRL that already has done so?". The answer to that lies with the Detachment Leader, LMO, and your GML on how well you replicate the references to the real world.
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