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  1. Welcome! Glad to see another Starkiller in the works (there aren't NEARLY enough of us). I'm still a fledgling Costume Mentor, but I have been pouring over the CRLs that fall in my scope, so if I can lend a hand, please feel free to reach out & I'll do what I can to help. Good luck on your trip down the rabbit hole
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  2. That was my first thought. I was really hoping for jack boots but you need that extra height when you are knee deep in awesome.
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  3. As far as I could tell when building this, the CRL appeared to be built of off two different concept art iterations, the one you posted and this one: However, the costume that actually made it into the game was slightly different as well. I split the difference on a few things that weren't explicit in the CRL. The shape of the chest plates in pretty much all of the reference material is angled at the top, but the sample within the CRL is flat across the top. I gave mine a less sharp angle initially, but I'm reshaping and resizing the plates for the chest armor. I'm also doing all of them out of 6mm sintra this time, instead of 3mm. The 3mm looks like the reference works, but in person 6mm looks a lot more convincing as armor. I just got done doing a mando and the difference between the look and feel of the 6mm vs 3mm is pretty drastic. I definitely think 6mm is better aesthetically and looks a lot better in pictures so I am switching all of the hard parts of my costume over to that. As to the belt loops, pretty much all of the references have some, except that concept art you posted that lacks the two smaller belts. My loops are positioned exactly according to what is on his belt in the game as it was the best reference I could find for the positioning of them around the entire belt. The other concept art has them positioned more similarly to full costume pic at the beginning of the CRL, but only about half of the belt is visible and it is pretty low res. There are a number of other small differences, like edge seams on the armor and obi, that are present in the CRL samples that are not in the reference materials. I don't think any of them are dire though. I was keeping a list as I went through to help with the next CRL revision. BTW, I have lots more high res screen caps from the game, if you want any other angles I can put them up. They aren't strictly the right costume because of the color differences, but it does show more details on a lot of the pieces that are the same across all of the iterations of concept art, promo art and in-game costume. I have the all black version from the game pretty much ready for submission as a NttL costume (along with a draft CRL). Although at this point, I will probably wait until I get the new hard parts done to actually submit it.
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