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SL-64646 Reporting for Duty! (and a technical question)

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I got my Darth Nihilus approved (Official GWL photo for the 501st page pending)! Thanks for all the tips I've picked up while finishing the finer details, everyone. I am pretty excited about trooping with this fella, but I have a question regarding the cape. I use a velcro point on my under shirt to keep my cape knot in place, and I noticed as I move around, the weight of the fabric tugs at it to the point where it comes loose. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for keeping the cape in place while keeping the weight of the fabric from undoing the front. I was pondering sewing velcro patches on the inside of the cape and on the shoulders on my outer tunic, but what have y'all been using to keep your cape in place other than the Force? ^_^



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Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking of! ^_^ I was curious if there were different methods everyone used, and the pros/cons. From what I gather, that'll prolly be the best way to do it. 

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