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  1. Hey folks, So I got approved back in the fall, but its taken me this long to actually get this all written up. Finally put up the bodysuit article on my blog today, and I'm hoping it will help others as I found that the pattern for the bodysuit was by far the hardest part of getting it right. It wasn't really the construction for me, but finding a good pattern that I liked for my body and its larger than average boobs. After trying Pam's suggestions and a couple of other pattern options, I eventually tried Yaya Han's bodysuit pattern made by McCalls and it worked so perfectly the first time. I was so relieved. There are still some changes that have to be made, and that's what I detailed in my blog post that is specifically about the bodysuit complete with diagrams. The rest I made mostly out of Worbla and leather. Happy to clarify anything if you're reading it and something doesn't make sense, but I HIGHLY recommend using this pattern over the previous patterns suggested. It just fits so much better, especially if you have a big difference between bust and waist. Mara's bits and pieces (harness, belt, etc) http://withoutastitchon.blogspot.ie/2016/04/mara-jade-bits-and-bobs.html Mara's shinguards & knee pads http://withoutastitchon.blogspot.ie/2016/04/mara-jade-knees-and-shin-guards.html Mara's bodysuit http://withoutastitchon.blogspot.ie/2016/05/mara-jades-bodysuit.html
  2. eliste

    Headress help needed

    You can shape foam with heat. Heat it up, press it where it needs to go. Repeat as necessary.
  3. eliste

    Meet the Press

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at the ODEON Charlestown Dec 18th 2015
  4. eliste

    Mara Jade by eliste

    Shots of my Mara Jade costume in the wild.
  5. eliste

    Black and White

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at Belfast Film & Comic Con 2015

    © JK Photography

  6. From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at a troop in April 2016.

    © Michael Harmon

  7. eliste

    Why Mara isn't Canon Anymore

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at a troop in April 2016
  8. eliste

    Mara Jade

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Photoshoot done February 2016.

    © JK-KC Photography

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    Dear Disney...

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at a troop in April 2016
  10. eliste

    Dreaming of being a Disney Princess

    From the album: Mara Jade by eliste

    Taken at a troop in April 2016

    © Michael Harmon

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    Road to Revan (My first costume!)

    My local WORBLA stockist brought it in last year. I love it. I can get it thicker than craft foam but thinner than most local Eva foam. It's great to work with.
  12. eliste

    Road to Revan (My first costume!)

    No, it's super dense foam, not like insulation foam at all. It moves and is mold able like Eva foam, but it's so dense you can paint it without having to prime it if you want. I still covered it in WORBLA and primed it with gesso, cause I knew foam only wouldn't get approved. http://www.monmouthrubber.com/durafoam-closed-cell-sponge-rubber-plastic-foam/
  13. eliste

    Road to Revan (My first costume!)

    Lucky you! I just could not get it to work. I think I've sorted that issue on the foam by going with a higher grade foam than the traditional EVA. I used durafoam and so far (12+ troops later) there's no sign of any issues.
  14. eliste

    Road to Revan (My first costume!)

    I've done several now, Mara Jade's knee pads and shin guards, Bracers for other things. Mara's back piece. Shoulder pads. I tried the sandwich method on Mara's shin guards. The difficulty is that it buckled a lot. The inside looks like a mess and the front is a disaster. I'm not the only person who's had these issues when you're doing full-calf shin guards. Be careful when you put on the back on. You have to heat up both parts of WORBLA or it won't stick together and what happened when I tried was it would lose its shape with both sides heated. If you don't have thick foam that keeps the shape, you need to be able to put it on something to get the riot shape while it's hot, and that should not be your own body unless you want to risk burns!
  15. eliste

    Road to Revan (My first costume!)

    I don't do Revan, but I love WORBLA. So, I did NOT do the sandwich method, because I couldn't get it to work without looking terrible. I went with thicker foam 5mm which gave me the shape I wanted. For raised areas, I used thin craft foam and glued it on top of the thicker foam. Then I covered all of it with the WORBLA. I think which method you use really depends on what you are doing and how much money you have. I'm not the only person I know who had difficulties getting the sandwich method to work if you're doing a large area with a lot of complex curves. But I will say that mine hold up just fine without the extra layer in the back. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. eliste

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Hey, so I would completely recommend Yaya Han's bodysuit pattern from McCall's. I tried all of the normal suggested patterns and they all turned out baggy in places or just looking not like I wanted. Yaya's pattern was super easy to adapt and worked out the first time I used it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. eliste

    Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (hoth)

    Looks pretty awesome! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So... Where do we post random shots of our costume in action? It doesn't feel right to put it in trooping, but it's not a build or approval photos. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. eliste

    Red Sash upgrade?

    I know the Revan in my Garrison has a taffeta one. It looks quite good, has the sheen and behaves properly. It'd be cheaper than leather too.
  20. eliste

    Knights of Ren CRL's

    Maybe I just asked in the wrong place as I stuck it in Rebel Supporters. It's here- http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=69343&highlight=odan While I get that anything *can* be approvable, it wasn't the most helpful of replies. If I actually plan on going ahead I might try to ask again where you suggest, but I've got two other costumes in the queue before Jyn.
  21. eliste

    Red Sash upgrade?

    I don't think vinyl would look right. More importantly, it won't behave right. You see how even in that photo there is bend in it? With vinyl it won't want to do that.
  22. eliste

    Knights of Ren CRL's

    I agree with this a lot. Will we only ever be "bad" EU characters or a home for anything non-canon? I don't know if anyone here plays it, but there is a miniatures game called Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games that have some seriously awesome characters. I tried asking where the smuggler would go through Rebel Legion but got basically nothing. I think there should be a serious think with both the 501st and Rebel Legion and some kind of plan put in place cause there's a lot of stuff coming out and the chaos right now isn't ideal.
  23. eliste

    A new one =) I hope soon ^_^

    I got my Mara cleared last year. Think the new pics look great! Best of luck with the clearance!
  24. eliste

    Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (hoth)

    Those boots look epic
  25. eliste

    Darth Traya Headdress help

    A good "fake" material that you can use to mock up for leather is craft foam. Because it has the thickness that leather can have, I find it really useful for mocking up pieces before cutting into the real leather. Then you can use it to create your patterns for the real leather so you don't have to ruin good leather trying to get it right.