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  1. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Ok so ordered my YaYa Han bodysuit pattern! My plan is to make just the "leotard" out of muslim/ cheap fabric first for fit purposes. I have some scrap spandex leftover from other costumes I will be testing the piping on. This is going to be my "summer sewing project" but would love to have done by SDCC - we will see...
  2. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Definitely going to use YaYa Hanns pattern - I have been reading your posts very closely...
  3. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Hey Flagship Eclipse Friends - so I went the Juno route for a while and am a 501st member now... But I have been missing my first costuming love Mara Jade... Since the first time I attempted this costume I couldn't sew at all and now I have sewn an imperial officer costume so I think it is time to tackle the jumpsuit. So parts build: Wig - done (featured above) Cowl - Also done (featured above) Goggles - Done (featured above) Jumpsuit - next sewing project Harness - Done Gloves - Done Knee Pads - Done Shin Guards - need to source Boots - using my Juno boots that are better for this costume Belt - need to rework this to fit better
  4. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Long time no update but I am *nearly* done! My jumpsuit is going to the tailors soon to make it less boxy and I am working on my shin guards this weekend. My belt is getting a bit of an adjustment since I have gotten better at sewing but here ya go... This is with just leggings and a black tank - but all else. Will take pics of my harness as well! Will post my finals soon!
  5. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Hi All, Just an update! Got my wig - I went with more of a copper from the comics than an "ariel" red. For my belt I made the buckle out of galvanized steel and d-rings from the fabric store. The leather strap I did with leather glue. Knee pads were found at my local army surplus store and are very basic with no logos. I still need to get the shin guards for my last item! Almost there!! Still want to get tan gloves to go with the cowl - but black will have to work for now. My goal is to have my master replica lightsaber for Star Wars celebration and hopefully a blaster (which I plan to build out as a 3D model). Pictures to come soon! - Mallory
  6. badwolfbrunch

    New SoCal Mara Jade

    Hi All! So I have been reading this board for months but have not posted until now! I am building my Mara Jade as my first 501st costume and wanted to share my progress. Jumpsuit and Cowl - having a seamstress help me since I am a terrible sewer - expecting to be done this week Goggles - purchased this weekend from my local army surplus store Gloves - got these at the surplus store as well (black leather) Shoulder Harness - built my own - super proud Boots - bought at Forever 21 (hope they work) Still need to get: - Red Wig - Shin Guards A few questions for any experts out there... I am working on the belt and thigh strap now... I have the leather but am running into trouble with the buckle. What materials and where did you source? I also really want tan gloves but am having trouble finding online - everything has the elastic at the wrist... Any help would be appreciated and so many have already helped me so much!! A BIG Thank you! - Mallory