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  1. Aridima

    ST Premire 2015

  2. Aridima

    Spillexpo 2015

    Spillexpo 2015, Lillestrømm , Norway
  3. Aridima

    How do you shape YOUR hood?

    I cut out a plank, makes the shapes and glue it on my balaclava and it works fine !
  4. I think its best Darth Traya I have ever seen! good job!
  5. Aridima

    Nihilus WIP

    Great Choice!
  6. Aridima

    Darth Nihilus W.I.P

    I whasent very crafted ether but I learned sewing in a week and sew my nihilus costume! And its not an hard costume to make. The only down side for purchase from wiked is all have the same mask. The mask is the easyest to make , and its nice to have a presonal touch to your coustume
  7. It looks like a cool costume! Yeah star killer have alot of cool outfits! I have been thinking to make the sith version myselfe Good luck with the build!
  8. Aridima

    Norwegian Mara Jade signing in!

    Hi there fellow Norwegian! Nice to see you here! And welcome to the club!
  9. Aridima

    Darth Malgus Costume

    Must be the best Malgus ! have ever seen! Awesome job!!! just wow!
  10. Aridima

    Darth Nihilus from Norway

    Hi! Oh thank you! cool Visas marr! We need more charakter from the old republic in NG! Hi there yourselfe! Nice too see other scandinavians here Hi! Thank you , I really apprechiate it! The hard work payed off
  11. Aridima

    Darth Nihilus from Norway

    Hi! Im a new member of 501st! And I maded my first costume of Darth Nihilus .He has been my favorite charakter a long time. I usend a bissy month to finich it! And got my costume accepted 2 weeks befour my first troop .My costume is 100% maded by me I really like the old replublic age and thinking about new costumes in that era in the future!