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  1. I use a morph suit so it covers my neck,chest (for when my shirt slightly opens) and legs for when the skirts blow in the wind and shows leg since they're open front..
  2. It looks great! If you have an in depth or if we can talk sometime about how you made it it'd be a lot of help! My friend is commissioning me to make one and it'd be a lot easier to get some advice from you than just winging it!
  3. Hey everyone I recently got approved, honestly, I never looked at this forum while I was building or anything. I kind of just winged it off references and the CRL. I was approved and am now SL-47666 in Southern California. I was wondering how you all shape your hood? I used a EVA foam piece ontop of my head, hot glued to the cape, with strong velcro fitted onto that, and the strappings of my mask, so I am able to take my hood off, and have it hang behind me How do you guys have your hood shaped, have a better idea? Heres a picture of my kit on my mannequin, recent picture, about a day old.
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