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  1. Mara Jade Arica (Blue)

    Trying to create a pattern the looked "right: for the skirt, The first one I created didn't look right; I tried to make my own based on reference photos. I've been looking at several photos of the costume and photos of how people have made it.
  2. Mara Jade Arica (Blue)

    I appreciate it I've been collecting reference images of her for awhile.
  3. Mara Jade Arica (Blue)

    I have been looking around in there. I made one last year but scraped it because of the skirt. That's the part that I am having the most difficulty with.
  4. Mara Jade Arica (Blue)

    Hey all I've wanted to build the Arica disguise for awhile and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have no idea where to start.
  5. Mara Jade sin/knee guard help :)

    Hello there. My first set of shin pads I found on amazon, My shin pads were soccer shin pads that I painted black. My knee pads I salvaged from ROTC.
  6. A new one =) I hope soon ^_^

    Do it!!!!!!
  7. A new one =) I hope soon ^_^

    You look fantastic.
  8. Force Friday

    Congrats to your step son and thank him for his service. I got a BB-8 pillow, kylo ren 6 inch, captain phasma 3 inch, BB-8 t shirt, funko pop first order snowtrooper, BB-8, and captain phasma.
  9. Force Friday

    Who went out last night and what did you find?
  10. Back

    Welcome back.
  11. Barriss Offee?

    I'm hoping she is I would like to see her and Ahsoka meet again.
  12. Barriss Offee?

    I've thought about just getting wooden hilts to carry with her. I'll look into the colored blades.
  13. Barriss Offee?

    Where did you find the ventress sabers at? I'm also working on a clone wars barriss. You look great.
  14. Barriss Offee?

    I have an ATOC Barriss through them.
  15. Barriss Offee?

    Thanks for the information.