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  1. Hi, my name is Maria Belen and I'm from Ecuador. I so want to become a member in the Ecuador 501st Outpost with a Darth Traya costume. I need a lot of help: If you have the patterns for the robe, how to make the belt, the headress, pictures, links to any website, everything will help! Thanks for your help and have a good day!
  2. DarthTraya_EC

    Hello from Ecuador

    Hi and thanks for your answer. Do you have the patterns? I am really desperate, hope you understand. Why did you chose that character? Since I read her story I felt in love with her (hehe) but I would like to know your opinion Thanks again and happy new year!
  3. DarthTraya_EC

    Merry Sith-mas!

    Really nice pic. Merry Sith-mas to you
  4. DarthTraya_EC

    Hello from Ecuador

    Hello guys, I'm María Belén from Ecuador. I am a SW Fan Club member in my country and I'm trying to join 501st Legion/Flagship Eclipse as Darth Traya for the Ecuador Outpost. I need a lot of help, like the patterns for the costume. Where in this forum can I ask for help? Thank you!