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  1. Hi All, Ive gone with Mynocks Den and VadersVault which are in collaboration which one another for the build. Few Reasons as to why and wanted to share. First off, Taras and Alan at VV were both extremely helpful and in my opinion have both the closest to Accuracy. Mynocks offers the fully enclosed Helmet which is great for when you have the hood down, Armor is in ABS with Resin and 3d Printed parts for a durable and well detailed kit . Saber is most accurate to the Acolyte. Now onto the build - 11.19.2018 - Order placed for Helmet, Armor and Saber Helmet - MynocksDen - Armor - VadersVault - Saber - VadersVault - Robe - Either TwinRobeDesigned seen here about 2/3rds down the page: or Mystik Merchant seen here: Robe Red Sleeves - Going to paint using Jacquard Textile Colors in either Scarlet or True Red - Boots / Gloves - Either FlightGloves or Tactical Gloves UnderSuit - Standard TK Undersuit Paint / Primer - Plan is to Paint all the armor Black using Montana Cans Shock Black and possibly using Montana Cans Outline Silver Metallic Weathering / Acrylics - Amaco Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes Silver Leaf - Check back soon as More to Come -
  2. First0rder

    Acolyte Q&A

    Hi All, Im in the middle of Researching a Acolyte build and thought that we could all weight in with our findings, vendors, and any recommended upgrades along the way. Saber - Id like to ask about the color of the saber blade. For those that used VadersVault : did you go with the Red or Red/Orange? Siths obviously Red but not seeing theirs in hand, if their Red a good Solid Red or find the Red/Orange a closer match to KOTOR. Armor - Whos the good vendors out there? Seen Wolfgang and MynocksDen used, but how is Mynocks new ABS line? Mask - Seen Wolfgangs, MynocksDen, and Wicked Armor. What are your findings, who offers a back enclosure for theirs. Neck Seal - Ive seen a few diff ones, whos did you use? Gloves - CRL says tactical, any recommendations? Boots - Seen a few use Tactical Jungle boots, thoughts? Neck Robe - Seen some use MystikMechant : , Thoughts to those that used this vendor? any other recommendations. Belt Pouches and Belt - Looking to do Webbed or leather material Belt and Matching Pouches. What have you use?
  3. First0rder

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    I did see that thank you. Time Permitting, is there anyone that can create a new topic under the Acolyte section with all the vetted vendors / resources avail and Pin it. Weve done that in a few forums now and helps members out. just a like to have Andy
  4. First0rder

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Nina, thanks so much for the kickstart and info on Mynock. Ill post further in the direct channel for requesting further resources. much appreciated. Andy
  5. First0rder

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hello from the Connecticut Garrison, Im a GML/GWL and built a few kits now and looking at a Sith Acolyte. The Sith have always been one of my favorite characters in the SW universe and now its time to Represent one! I joined the 501st not too long ago, in 2017 as a Shadow TX, then build a FO Executioner, and a SnowTrooper. My Legion Profile: I also assist Running the FB group: First Order Stormtroopers so for those that are FOs might know me. I also Build Gonk Droids, so for those that are part of the Gonk Droid Builders Group, you may know me there too. Lastly, im looking for resources on the Acolyte build, so if anyone can recommend merchants that are vetted, that would be great. thanks all Andy CTG GML / GWL SpecOps -- TX19736 - Shadow StormTrooper (Specialist Approval) - Magma Trooper (WIP) WhiteArmor -- TK19736 - TLJ FO Executioner (Basic Approval) BlizzardForce -- TS19736 - ESB SnowTrooper (Basic Approval)