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  1. Shoo shoo Greene
  2. Kylo

    Darth Nihilus WIP - So Cal

    Sup dude! Super awesome! If you need any help I am here man. *fist bump*
  3. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    When Im wording it im trying to think how an applicant would find it easiest. As a person thinking about "making" costumes if I looked up the CRL to see which Aphra Id want to do I would personally want to look up the variant by description and or color. So using the names of the artists to refer to the costumes would be very confusing to an applicant and a GML when judging or making. Just my two cents.
  4. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    Making observations (many already addressed) to clear up any confusion some may have. Feel free to agree or disagree. Please provide reference or proof. 1. There are 4 different/varient vest costumes. 2. Two of them are vastly different. From the cap to the holster. (This is ignoring the tattoo issue.) And that's "simple burgundy vest" and "Burgundy lined vest". (Or as noted above Vader comic and standalone) 3. There is no standard set for the tattoos - does someone have written evidence of this? I think we may need it. 4. For the "basic red vest" CRL an optional of red blanket stitched 1 inch apart lines OR a zipper optional can appear? I know it's only in a couple panels but someone could come through and try and have an entirely new crl made for a zipper and I vote we just take care of that now.
  5. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    Ohh you are right, i see it! Agree 100%
  6. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    Tattoos: They might be! I dunno. I did some pulls from the comic and lined up her arms. Her tattoos are allll over the place I agree
  7. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    As far as the pants go. I wrote Jean because it is just so easy to get stretch jeans. The color of her pants and design always looks Jean colored throughout her costumes. yes her pants are tight fitting. But theres still wrinkles. To me they look like stretch jean?
  8. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    I dunno which CRLS we dont have the hair color/design added in... cant think of any. I know even the Rebels are working standard by standard to add this detail, both in color, design, cut and shape. The more recent CRLS written do seem to all have hair length, details and color added in. Do you have any examples where we didnt do hair? We even argued over Kylo Rens hair recently (i argued brown they argued black) its just something that we add so that folks dont "do what they want" and end up being held up by a GML The CRLS are a guideline to avoid confusion. Just because something isnt in a standard or CRL doesnt mean that its unneeded or should not be done. But laying out important details and not leaving out things is just a good method to have. On the hair length, color and details I did that because Aphra has so many different costumes and varying length of hair. It seems to lengthen and we should make note when something is correlating and changing. She has 3 different Vest costumes and all three seem to have different lenghs of hair. Hope that helps! 3 vests 3 hair lengths shortest Longest
  9. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    howdy!! sorry i should have been more clear.. i was referring to the other strap. Heres a draw over to where i think it should be laying. Hope that helps to show ya what i meant
  10. Thank you so much ChaosBria for the excellent original mockup. Aviator Cap The aviator cap is light tan in color and made from leather or a leather like material The cap fits snug on the costumer’s head A padded, circular shape sits on either side of the head over the ears with visible stitching around the edge where they connect to the cap The chin strap should have two small tapering buckles at the end and is worn unbuckled. The strap should hang no lower than the collar bone. The front of the cap comes to a soft point at the center and arches around the headline Hair Hair is black in color. Hair is loose beneath the cap with at least some hair visible on the sides. Hair is no longer than the shoulders Hair i Shaggy unkempt bangs hang from the front of the aviator cap and sit at the sides Goggles The goggles are oval shaped The frames of the goggles are a dark red and match the color of the vest The strap should be black or burgundy and is ¾ of an inch wide The goggles should be worn on top of the costumer’s head and above the cap. Two silver hooks with a line down the center on either side of the goggles. Vest The vest is a dark red (wine or burgundy) in color and made from a medium weight fabric with no visible closure. The vest is designed as follows: *A line of trim made from the the same material as the vest around all edges of the jacket including sleeves. **The seams at the sides under the arm are lined with a single strip of trim **Two lines around the bottom hem. *A single line of trim verticle on the shoulder blades. **A single line of trim sits vertically across the breast The back of the vest ends at the costumers back arch. The vest is worn open . Shirt The shirt is a light to medium weight natural fiber, The shirt sleeves end at the costumers upper bicep. The collar is popped. Color can be white, off-white, or cream Optional: A long sleeved shirt of the same cut may be substituted(do you have reference for this design?) Tattoo Tattoos (via sleeve, make-up, or otherwise) mimicking Aphra’s circuitry design in black must be on the right arm. These should be an assortment of straight lines which end in circles with a dot in the center The lines and circles are of equal width and be no wider than half a centimeter See Dr. Aphra reference chart for more information (insert link) Gloves Gloves are black, wrist-length, of a leather-like material. Gloves are fingerless and cut off above the finger joint. A band around the arm joint no wider than 3 inches. Pants The pants should be plain denim and tight-fitting . Color is a varying shade of blue from steel blue to bright blue. Boots The boots are black with low heels of an inch or less. No buckles or laces are visible. Zippers are permitted on the insides. The boots are knee-high in height Belt and Holster The belt is made from plain, un-decorated brown or Dark Brown leather and is 2.5 inches wide. The plain silver buckle is octangular and wide. The buckle sits flush with the belt and is 3.5 inches long, the buckle can be up to 1/4 of an inch wider than the belt itself. The holster is made from the same plain brown leather. There is one narrow strap to secure the blaster and a small strap attached to the belt crossing onto the holster. The holster is attached by a un decorated leather strap that is one inch wide. A small silver colored buckle end is attached to the main belt holding the holster. Optional: DL-44 If present, the blaster should be an exact replica of a DL-44
  11. From the Various ref i have above ive pulled the following tattoo details from those images
  12. Hey there! Submitting my Aphra today and I wanted to start a thread on what I see in this costume... I know it may look a bit like the other Burgundy Vest varient we have started. this is a different costume from the holster to the cap to the vest.
  13. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    I think the OP put it as optional as well right? If not I completely think it should be. and yeah black hair foooorrr sure!
  14. Kylo

    Doctor Aphra

    Hello. I agree however Jacket is already listed as optional. All optionals are listed on the CRL below the required items. Hair length can vary but we are looking at this varients costume only. Which appears to e shoulder lengh in the front and shoulder blade length in the back.