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  1. danrodjr


    Pleather, I would like to end up with leather, but the pleather is fine for now.
  2. danrodjr


    Search for Khole's Custom Clothing on FB, send her a message and let her know you are looking for the IK pants and tunic, mention me and she will know what your talking about.
  3. danrodjr

    My IK Build Laid Out

    Awesome work!!!!!! Its great to have another IK in the service of the Emperor.
  4. danrodjr


    It KB Props, you can e-mail him at kevin.brice00@yahoo.com.
  5. danrodjr

    Working on a new IK CRL

    That's correct, they served under Emperor Ronan Fel .Around 137 ABY. The Sith attacked the Empire and the Empire split in a power struggle between the true Emperor (Ronan Fel) and the Sith. This was the Legacy series "Broken" from the Dark Horse Comics.
  6. danrodjr

    The Latest Re-Beginnings of My IK

    Awesome to hear and congrats!!!!!!!!
  7. danrodjr

    Working on a new IK CRL

    And still working, I will update this soon with pictures and a better order of the CRL.
  8. danrodjr

    Danrodjrs Imperial Knight

    Thanks!!! The are on a hinged connection for the shoulders of the chest and back plate to the pauldrons. It makes movement a lot easier that having them stiff.
  9. danrodjr

    Working on a new IK CRL

    Still working on this and taking photos of the male and female armor
  10. danrodjr

    Danrodjrs Imperial Knight

    PM sent
  11. danrodjr

    Danrodjrs Imperial Knight

    Sure, we need to build the army of Emperor Fel
  12. danrodjr

    Starkiller TIE PILOT DRESS

    Sometimes it fun just to make a costume and wear it at conventions, I have a few that are not 501st or RL, like my Biggs Darklighter Legacy TIE Pilot. I must have to agree with Thomas on this one, tho the costume is awesome looking and I would love to make it and wear it, this is a RL costume and not a 501st.
  13. danrodjr

    Danrodjrs Imperial Knight

    Cool, I would like to see if we cant gather up some IK's for photos at Celebration. If you need anything hit me up, I will help you out as much as I can!!!
  14. danrodjr

    Working on a new IK CRL

    No prob, any help is help. Right now I am working on pictures and re setting up the CRL.