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  1. Just tiny fixes, anyway looks awesome!
  2. A little suggestion for collar. It curves at the top so if you do a little V shaped cut in the top of your pattern it should give that curve.
  3. In swtor game all trousers/skirts have belt mockup or placeholder texture so you can wear it alone without belt piece and it still look like belt. I counted only one belt, two if count "mock up" belt. Mockup belt more looks like part of skirt top decoration. Has none 3d pieces, all is flat. and one piece with skirt.
  4. In game version boots differ. Rishi disguise has them black and SOR version has them brown. Black defo would look better to mach gloves.
  5. Yes, need finish all hands and gloves and add that silly handle in the front of collar. Also still waiting for lightsaber hilt be made. I tried shorter wig first, but looked it had too much volume Maybe also will try cut my hair and style as needed. Will be less fuss than with wigs. Can't decide... Need slide belt a bit lower. But then I do not have so defined waist and diferent body proportions it's tricky. And attach shoulder armor with studs in the front so they dont flap Shape collar in the front so it stiks to the tabards Remake silver decorations on the skirt sides so they star a bit lower.
  6. Still need finish gloves and lightsaber and thinking redo collar. Tested costume at London MCM Comic Con.
  7. Made Lana's boots from repainted raiding boots. Have large calf, so had glue in V shaped inserts from the back side. Hope it won't be very visible, covered by the long cape. Friend is helping me sew cape, im not good at sewing at all.
  8. GoldenCat, It looks so good! I though you already got approved by now lol I'm slowly working:D... aiming finish for SW Celebration in London.
  9. At last started work on Lana SoR boots here ref pic. Could not find boots enough wide to fit my calf, so will need imporvise and make inserts in the back . Got black rubber riding boots, now trying find right paints to paint them brown like this. Knee pad ref:
  10. Aeon

    Mandalore The Ultimate

    Looks awesome
  11. Thanks GoldenCat;] for link and explanaition. I'm very slow crafter. With family and work taking all free time, would not want stress and hurry at all, its all for fun:D For example my Dreadmaster Darth Bestia costume took me 2 years and still needs upgrades. Oh good you reminded Rishi disguise outfit. Lana uses same tunic as Zayne Carrick just dyed in black/green. Also she uses black boots not brown like SOR outfit.
  12. How all submiting goes? Do I need go to UK garrison page to do that? I'm worried my English is not so good....
  13. Greetings, I started work on Lana Beniko SOR costume this November, here is my progress so far. I will be using wig, don't want cut my long hair Experimenting with make up, my eye lenses came with defect so need buy new ones. Also finding high brown boots is very problematic then you are a plus size...Maybe will need scratch build them myself in the end. Thanks to GoldenCat for sharing link to 3D model source will help a lot in research Wont need do jumping from the stronghold in the game to see whats under the cape anymore
  14. Greetings:D I'm Ion, curently reside in London. Love play SW:TOR. Started work on Lana Beniko SOR, (green version). My progress so far Also I have one of Dread masters, Darth Bestia costume (older mask version), which I plan upgrade. Should I start work in progress thread or something? How it works if characters are kinda new? I'm not a 501st member yet but hope to join.