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  1. blackrock

    Voice Amp?

    This is the one I am using, but it's no longer available via Amazon.
  2. blackrock

    Voice Amp?

    I use an Aker amp and a throat mic.
  3. blackrock

    Hello from Italy!

    Welcome, you've definitely found the right place. I'd recommend creating a build thread in the Ventress section with photos of everything you've done so far and I am sure that one of our Ventress experts will chime in.
  4. blackrock

    Darth Revan Build

    FYI, the Revan CRL is in the process of being updated, and the proposed CRL has a more accurate picture of his lightsaber's hilt, which is shown here. I personally use a Vader's Vault Rev-N Elite. It is a little on the expensive side, but you don't need the saber to submit for approval, so it's something you can always pickup later. I would personally try to make your costume fit this proposed CRL as it would suck to start on the current one and have the proposed one go into effect before you submit for approval. I personally don't know when it will become official, perhaps @DarthValkyria can provide some insight. As for the rings, I got some brushed nickle shower curtain rings from a local hardware store.
  5. blackrock

    Darth Revan Build

    Welcome! There are several of us using his kits, myself included. I did make some changes to the kit though. I changed out his rings that are on the bottom of the armor as well as removed the pleather and replaced with real leather. Make sure that you post pictures of things as you put everything together so that we can offer up some advice.
  6. blackrock

    Darth Revan: KOTOR

    I like most of the changes. One note though... for the saber, you have the description that the pommel is gold / brass in color, but the reference image looks gray / pewter in color for the pommel. Also, are currently approved costumes being grandfathered?
  7. blackrock

    Revan glove advice

    These are the gloves that I got. I searched for a while since it seemed most of the gloves I found were $$$$ or lined. The little bit of "decoration" on the back of the hand gets covered up by the armor piece.
  8. blackrock

    Revan boots

    Those look really similar to the Kylo Ren boots. They do look quite different with the vertical pleats than what is listed in the CRL, and as such, I would personally avoid them. With that being said, our boots aren't really visible, but ultimately it's up to your GML as to whether or not he/she would approve it. If you can find source images of Revan wearing something similar, then it would be easier to get them approved. Just my two credits...
  9. blackrock

    Generic Sith

    Unfortunately the 501st doesn't have a Generic Sith like the RL has Generic Jedi. Every character in the 501st needs to have a reference (movie, game, comic, etc). There is another club, The Dark Empire, which does allow Generic Sith, but that's all I know, I'm not a member.
  10. blackrock

    Revan boots

    These are the ones that I use... Very comfortable!
  11. blackrock


    Mine took just short of two weeks to be approved. Also, depending on how familiar your GML is with your particular costume, they may be reaching out to the respective detachment for advice. I know our GML has said that there are only a handful of costumes he's comfortable with approving without consulting with the detachments as there are over 300 different costumes in the Legion. We've all been there. Hang in there and looking forward to seeing you join our ranks!
  12. blackrock

    Asking for help for a new french Revan :)

    Looks good in my opinion!
  13. blackrock

    WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    The hakama also looks really long. Even with the left leg forward, it is still completely covering the boots. This may or may not be an issue when it comes to being approved, but will definitely be a quality of life issue as you will be stepping all over it during troops, possibly tripping due to it.
  14. blackrock

    Voice Amp

    This is the throat mic I went with. Fits under my balaclava just fine. I also went with this voice amp.
  15. blackrock

    Voice Amp

    Has anyone done a voice amp on their Revan? I am thinking of getting an Aker amp and a throat mic to wear under the balaclava. No icomm since it wouldn't make sense to have the static in it.
  16. blackrock

    Revan Helmet(and stuff)

    You can see it on the CRL image here: It's the horizontal line that goes across the chest.
  17. blackrock

    WTB Darth Revan MWA kit

    As for the MWA Deluxe vs Basic, this is what Rob says on his website: Basically, the hard armor pieces are the same, but all of the soft parts are missing like the ribbed joint between the upper and lower torso or do not have the details of the Deluxe revan like pleats or ribs on the red sash. Budget friendly version not recommended for 501st. I cannot upgrade the fabric to the Deluxe version at a later time.
  18. blackrock

    WTB Darth Revan MWA kit

    This just posted here on our forums... Not sure if it is your size, but something to look into...
  19. blackrock

    WTB Darth Revan MWA kit

    When I got my kit ordered in late December 2015, I was able to contact him via email and he was responding within a day or two. Alternatively, he's been active on Facebook lately showing off his revised Kylo Ren, so you may be able to message him there If all that fails, PM me and I will see if I can get a hold of him or have any other ways of contacting him.
  20. blackrock

    Armor Help

    Welcome Charles! Two vendors that I know of off the top of my head are: Bigwater99 - My Wicked Armor - MWA will get you really close to a full kit if you get his deluxe kit with only minor modifications needed. MWA also sells the shirt separately, but there are some on here who have made their own if you have any sewing machine skill, could probably do yourself. You will still need gloves, boots, and balaclava (if you don't have one from your TK). I personally went MWA, but I have been tempted to pick up a Bigwater99 full helm as the MWA is more like an old school hockey goalie mask style. -Steve
  21. blackrock

    Voice Amp

    Dawn, do you wear your aker on a belt off to the side or under your costume?
  22. blackrock

    Voice Amp

    Thanks for the input guys!
  23. blackrock

    Darth Revan costume - Making sure I've got it right

    As for boots, these are the ones I use. I find them extremely comfortable to wear, even on longer troops.
  24. blackrock

    Darth Revan costume - Making sure I've got it right

    MWA recently has been placing clips at the top in place of the rings that were there previously (at least that's how mine was earlier this year). He still had the key rings on the bottom half of the armor though, but those are an easy upgrade.
  25. blackrock

    MWA red sash

    Attach it to the silver bar. It can't be approved if it is attached to the ring. The pins work well for me as long as I don't accidentally step on it. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk