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  1. Suggestion for CRL change

    I have more photos of the forearm sleeves with belt pouches. All from the comic. I'll look for more Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. I know I am approved as a Black Bodysuit. But I am adding the cape and black gloves so I can swap out and about here is some progress Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Member Program Fundraiser 2017

    Donation Sent!
  4. I think so too. Ill have to wash sample 3 ans see is it lightens a smidge. Re:ask my GML his thoughts and Terry hers. Thanks gorgeous x Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Suggestion for CRL change

    Love it. Clarifies heaps and makes it easier to understand Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Fabric Samples for Undersuit! What are your opinions? 1, 2 or 3? 1 2 3 CRL Unitard For 501st approval: The dark steel-gray unitard is made from a low sheen material I am kinda partial to 1 and 3 in colour and type. Thinking 1 is more true to colour though Thoughts? Boots in natural light! Flash I love how equal the colour is and that in flash it shows the undertones. It is equally applied over. No streaks in person. It matches the CRL photo in colour and has the brown undertones More progress to come. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. There is some dark brown undertones to the black/grey. They match the CRL. Lighging here is pretty meh. Happy with at this stage
  8. I'll think about it next time. Still learning about leather dye is all. Don't trust myself
  9. Attempting to colour the boots right. Kiwi have a black polish wax that I am using. Liking the grey/brown combo. Needs a few more coats to match the CRL photo but nearly there
  10. So I found some boots. I have to change them as my BB Mara boots won't cut it. Brown Grey is a hard colour to get so I am getting brown boots and polishing to the right colour with black polish. Buckle at top will be removed. Just running this style of boot by Terry and my GML
  11. So, here we are again and I here myself screaming the words: WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!?! WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO? Well. I did the CRL searches and I know there are 2 other Mara Jade 501st approvable costumes out there. Arica and Black Nebula. So instead of being nearly naked as Arica, I am going full gowns and leather with Black Nebula CRL - https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Mara_jade_black_nebula Reference Images: So break down time! What have I got that I can use? What do I need to ask Phantom (Redback Garrison GML) about and what the hell did I get myself into... and more over, another Flagship costume to finish before Dreamworld (major gathering of 501st in Australia) next year Red Hair: SO! I have this sorted. Same wig as my black body suit. Good-o Scarf and Dress Material's: Maroon! I do love that colour. Coming from Queensland and all, as with the state of origin happening at the moment (sport, NRL, state vs state... bragging rights for 1yr)! best! I am going to head to Spotlight. I have two costumes that need this colour material. It will be a non stretch material. Shhh secret 2nd costume... Tach doesn't know Scarf with have a hat brim made out of a tan/orange leather - means a visit to Mac Lace in Capalaba again Dress will gave a black torso, sleeves and skirts attached to the black torso are maroon in colour. Skirt has 4 panels. Spilt down the front, sides and back. woo! Fun... NOT! and thankfully the sleeves are wide and not fitted. I hate fitted non-stretch costumes Undersuit: Steel Grey Body Suit, with long sleeves. Easy. Done. Can do in my sleep. Leather Vest and Shoulder Epaulettes Again. Same leather as the brim on the scarf. All matchy matchy and such. Epaulettes will require some skills I need to work on. This being custom bias and piping... again. Woo. Also some beading. Black Vest Layers. Many layers! Like an Onion. Gonna die in this. It is a bolero length, doesn't close and made of a very deep black, almost velvet in type from looking on the CRL. Boots grey/brown?!? WHAT. So I buy some dark grey boots and get some tan/brown polish and give some TLC? Thoughts? May need to ask TFE (you guys) and Phantom about this or do I use the same ones as my black body suit? Lightsaber: I am set with the purple saber thanks to Tachyon (best boyfriend and also 501st member)! Best christmas pressie from the best boyfriend a girl/star wars fan could ask for! Shhh! I didn't tell you that I will update this thread with more info and things I make as they happen! I am pretty excited to start something new again! I know Black Bodysuit (BB) Mara will be getting a cape and clasp! Always having fun with Mara. Next will be Arica when Black Nebula (BN) Mara is done... and other TFE costume, Visas Marr, is also happening. So, both hopefully done before Dreamworld and maybe one done before OZCC Brisbane (major convention in Queensland, Australia) this year! Wish me luck!
  12. Vicky's Visas Marr Build (Redback Garrison, AUS)

    Cheers. I'll get on that and update what I find Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. Vicky's Visas Marr Build (Redback Garrison, AUS)

    RESEARCH I tend to be a person who likes to break things down! So here I go! Reference Photos 1. good for whole costume views, not so much for the gloves 2. better for the gloves 3. original poster for the game Over Dress and Trimmings Materials for the over dress I am looking at a matte leather recommended to me by Moxxxie, she also recommended getting 5yards of it and not the 4 the pattern recommended for the dress. There was limited stretch in the material. I am lucky that Moxxxie is helping me along with this one. She also has her original stencil for the pattern on the over dress. Veil, Underdress and Trimmings Veil and Underdress are made of the same red material with blue tones. Easy done. Getting it to fit me, well, That will be interesting. I work best with stretch materials over non-stretch materials. Will be heading down to my local Spotlight to scope out the materials this week and find a pattern or two that I like. Trimmings on the veil will be stencilled onto the veil and gloves in pearl paint or maybe into a pleather like gold and attached. Depends on how I feel. Sash Redder in the more brighter colours and in stretch. When I go to spotlight I will compare swatches and make sure they match the CRL. Gloves Heading onto eBay, found these gloves, like the length and price Boots Black boots, no trimmings. Will likely use my Mara Jade boots Makeup Lucky I own a heap of makeup. Have the right shade of lipstick. I think I have covered all my thoughts in this post. Will be buying some gear later this week! Hope I have covered the basic's, let me know what you think. Cheers!
  14. Questions/Issues Pertaining to the Forums

    Hey Yankee71, thanks for getting back to me! Still not very clear on this. That was for Arica, which is awesome and she is something I plan on building. But it doesn't have any references for the CRL for Black Nebula (as a pinned topic on the forum area, I have already downloaded the PDF of the 501st CRL page). Arica and Black BodySuit Mara have seperate places in the forums with he CRL pinned to the top and locations of References and such. Just wondering should Black Nebula be the same? or have the CRL requirements listed on one of these places giving people like me a place to start a build thread? I know of a couple ladies in my Garrison who will be wanting to start Black Nebula, and I have seen ?3 posts on her in the Black Bodysuit posts with ?where to post about it. Cheers!