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Sylgian's Sith Stalker [pic heavy]


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Hey everyone! New guy here wanting to share the Sith Stalker Costume I have been working on for the past year or so. I have been updating a build thread over on the therpf.com, but now that the costume is nearing completion I am thinking of trying to get the costume 501st approved and I was hoping to get some feedback.


The costume has been almost 100% scratch built and is the first I have ever built. The only unmodified bought pieces are the boots and pants. Most Stalkers I have seen use a good deal of MyWickedArmor's pieces. As amazing as those are, I wanted to challenge myself and make my own.


After some research, I found this file made by Juice on the forums. I found very little other info on this being built in pepakura.



Either way, I was really excited so I built it. I had to scale it really large to make it fit the width of my head. I made some custom ear cups too.



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I felt a little disappointed with the results of both my hardening job and just the overall shape of the model. It was pretty large. So I ended up scrapping it. But, I also decided to make a Version 2.


I felt the model could be greatly improved and my fiberglass technique could be much improved. I took it back to square one and began plans for making my own 3d model.



Having very little experience in 3d, It took me a long couple of days to figure out the software. I did some 3d modeling in college, but it was years ago. I started with the file Juice built for a base, but ended up remodeling almost all of it.


This is what I came up with. It's a 3pc design.



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This is the result of my new 3d model and unfold in pepakura.


I added some decorative notches in the front and back of the base helm. The back will have a retangular hole cut out after I'm done hardening to mimic the in game model. It was pretty tough getting something that works in the real world. The game model just wasnt meant to fit on a real persons head.








My breather thingy. I made sure to have it a separate piece this way I can finish it and install it as its own piece. Having a real seam where the parts join should look better as well





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I took a few photos of the helm on, as well as the back of the helm. I also did a side by side of the old juice file and my newly pep'd version 2.


here is the side by side of the old and new models. I did a lot of work on the contours of the face... and getting the size down as much as I could. the new one is much more svelte.



The back of the helmet. this is where that little rectangle will be cut... in the most recessed section.



photos of the helmet on.


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I started hardening the helmet pieces with a few coats of resin inside and out.



all hardened



Bondo time




quick primer coat



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The outer shell has been smoothed and primed. I will add pics of the breather tomorrow, it has been smoothed and fully painted.




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The base color sprayed on the outer shell. It looks pretty good, it does have some bumps and scuffs that I found once I sprayed it a lighter color, But I have to say, I am pretty pleased. It still needs the white details painted on and the little blood spatters. I will probably be adding some weathering to it in the form of scratches and dirt here and there. I don't want it to look perfect. I feel it looks better/more authentic when its a touch worn.





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I got the white details painted above the browline. I also started my weathering. I still have a bit more to do, and the little blood spatter before its finished and I can hit it with clear.





I bought a nice tinted face shield from my local Grainger today. I plan to use it as the visor material. I will be working on mounting that, the breather and ...the mountain of work still left to do on the inner helmet in the days to come.




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The visor install





I turned it to let some light through the visor. From the inside the visibility is pretty good.



Here is where the helmet stands


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mounting the outer shell to the inner helmet. It worked out pretty well. So far I have managed to keep everything completely modular. All the pieces can be easily separated if its ever necessary.


Holes drilled through the inner helm.



Glued the bosses onto the outer shell with epoxy



Mount with screws and washers



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Breather assembly



Some shots from inside




I also made my cheek cover patterns. I will be making these out of 2mm sintra which arrives tomorrow. Cant wait to get to work on those, but it will have to wait for a week while I am on vacation. See you after the break!


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Well my sintra came in today and I just could not resist working on the helmet. I fabricated the cheek covers :). I must say, the sintra is AWESOME. It was soooo nice to fabricate something that didn't require bondo and sanding, lol.


Anyway. I got the cheek covers to fit really well, I am really happy with the contours. I also mounted them with more magnets. The helm snaps together like legos. HA.


I made a quick video, enjoy:





And here are some pics







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I spent last night painting and weathering. I need to add a clear coat to the freshly painted pieces, then add padding and mount the battery. Then we are pretty much done.


It is very close to being complete. Here are some pics.





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Here are my removable glasses :) I need to make the bracket black, I am thinking sharpie, LOL. I dont feel like painting.


I mounted some magnets into the base helm





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Shoulder progress!


I am using sintra. I have a bunch here that I ordered for the cheek pieces of the helmet. I am not working with a pattern but I think its coming along nicely. I say its close enough.


Here is my base. The hard part is the compound curve on top.



Starting the curved top piece.



And we are ready for some bondo! The sintra gave me some nice flat/smooth areas. I sure am glad I wont have to smooth the whole thing.





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I smoothed out the shoulder this week and today I primed and painted it. I bought an airbrush too. I love that I can get even gradients and shading in my weathering now.




And here is the paint! Airbrushing is pretty fun.



Finally, I began work on the vest. I am in the very early stages at the moment, but here is where it stands so far. I will be working on it this weekend. Hopefully I will make a good amount of progress on it.


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I have been slaving away on the sewing machine. Fitting and refitting to get my patterns right. I have only ever sewn two other things in my life, so its another learning process.


The good news is that the vest is coming along nicely and fits pretty great. I have also ordered a white lycra bodysuit to wear under the armor... you know... to simulate the zombie-like flesh. I intend to airbrush the white fabric to give it a more fleshy appearance and add some depth to the muscles.


And here are some progress pics.





I added the horizontal belts in the front of the vest. I am trying to keep the costume as few pieces as possible so a good portion of the belts are incorporated into the vest. More work to do on the back, but almost done.


here are some bathroom blurry-com shots. Turns out its hard to take a picture of your own back.



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The vest is finished :)


I will get better pics up soon. I will be taking on a few hard pieces next... I am tired of the sewing machine. Control box and bicep armor are next.



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Working on the little control box that goes on my back today. I made it out of sintra and I am really pleased with the results. Here is the progress so far.


Initial Sintra build



After a little more construction and sanding I ended up with this.



I then removed the window in order to backlight the red glowy part. I had these tiny led tea lights that I cannibalized. It has a small single LED that runs on a watch battery and has a neat little switch. Then I hit it with primer and this is what I had.


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I did a tiny bit of work on this today. I have the back-light diffused now and I made myself an insert to use as the screen readout. The text reads "Sylgians's Sith Stalker" in Aurebesh, HA! I will be finishing this piece this weekend with some paint and a bit of airbrush weathering.


First a pic on held up to the vest



Back-light OFF



Back-light ON


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Painted! I was excited to see this part finished so I took some time this evening and painted it up. I'm really pleased with it :)





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