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Darth Bandon


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I started working on my shirt/tunic today. I hand-washed my silk to get it pre-shrunk by doing it with woolite and baking soda. Baking soda helps get the "fishy" sericin smell out. Next steps are to cut cheap muslin for piecing/sizing/etc.


Drying out in some fresh air:



Close up after it was dried:



I will be making the "skirting" out of the same material. I may line it with some black cotton or the like. That comes later. I was going to do it as a 1-piece tunic, but decided to go with separates.

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There's nothing really highlighting what his eye color is. I've seen shots of sith eyes and brown eyes. I presume that the sith eyes are a mod, but not sure.


Since I needed new contacts anyway, i decided to go ahead and freak myself up a little w/ some "mostly safe for work" hazel ones. They're "yellower" in person and on a real camera, but this was taken with a cell phone cam.



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Inner tunic has been completed. Ignore how it's fitting in this pic...i didn't do a "deliberate* wear, more like a spontaneous toss it on and take photo thing.


I was going to put ties like gi have, but decided that in "reality" it would be most likely an obi or similar. Once I get the obi/belt made, it will fit better in the waste...it wasn't staying in place when the pic was took (and i was guiding a 10 y/o through using a digital SLR). I grabbed KOTOR screens of various folks moving about (and Google searches) for reference since Bandon's tunic is mostly covered by the armor.



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I'll post better pics up when i get them. I'm about to do the duct tape dummy thing so I can start fitting the armor. I figure once I get that bear underway, things will go more smoothly.


Now i gotta figure out the arm wraps, if that's what it even is....that's what it looks like to me.

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Placing Bandon project on a temporary hold pending completion of KoToR. I've noticed a couple of things (and have the video if anyone wants to see it) when looking at the silver version of the armor Bandon wears (i.e. Sith Governor on Taris in the base).


The stuff under the chest plate looks and moves like spandex. That being said, the approach I was going to take may be changed. I don't want to create something 1/2 way, so I'm watching the game with my "geek eye" on (aka....analyzing environment, clothing, 3d mesh movement, etc).


I think that it will take longer to get things the way they're supposed to be and I certainly don't want to rush. Rushing can only lead to bad outcome...and I want this thing to be perfect.


It most likely won't be done before D*Con, but we'll see.

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I'm officially going to wait until after D*Con to do the armor. I've got the stuff for the skirt/hakama and everything else, but i'm examining captured video footage from the game frame by frame to observe for armor movement (yes, i'm anal like that). I killed Bandon so quickly I almost didn't capture the footage :-P


Once I get the frames examined, I'll be able to make a better judgement

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Project officially RESUMED!!!!


No progress pix to show as of yet.


We decided that we're going to be doing Bandon's armor in leather. We purchased a tooling side of ~8oz leather and will be tackling that. I am going to "map" out the project again as the approach has changed. Doing it in leather will allow me to tool what would be an additional layer otherwise (like the "V" section on the lower torso or the "T" on the shoulders for example).


I will post updates when I have updates to post.

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OK....after discussing it with Gothiclysm....we decided that a tooled leather approach would work better AND be more efficient than having a billion layers of leather.


Now that D*C is over, i've started the thought processing on this and this is what I've come up with. Instead of 3-4 layers....only 2 (represented by the blue & orange areas...the hip area...which is a slightly different orange depth....will be separate pieces maybe).




The lines are the tooling lines. As I discovered (she already knew it :-P ), when she was tooling the bracers for my ninja....relief and dimensions could be done and it look multi-layered or additional depth illusion created. Here are the shots of showing the relief in the bracers:




I'm under the thought that this same set of techniques could apply to the leather we bought to do the armor and still create the same appearance.



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Holy necro-bump, Batman!!!


I know it has been ages since posting, much less about this topic.  While I know this guy won't ever qualify for 501st...especially seeing how I'm probably the only person that ever wanted to do this one (LOL), I'm active again on it.


Thomas was kind enough 7 years ago to get me the skins & turn-arounds from Activision.  Through real life mess, lack of skills, lack of money, etc, I never finished this as we were going to do it in tooled leather and finances weren't and haven't been cooperative.


I've since discovered the foam armor techniques (yes, I'm slow) and am now re-tackling this again.  I'm not very active on this (or any other) forums, but will try to update as I have them.  I gotta get the new double made first.


Mock up started, but will have to re-do.  I was hoping that I could get away w/ this old duct tape dummy, but that was ~25-35lbs ago and it's just simply too big for me.  In either case.... I'm boots on the ground on this one again.



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I haven't looked into this character from that perspective in 2008ish.  Last I checked then, the only official source that could be cited was the original KoToR.  Although his helmet and saber are mentioned in SWTOR.  Are there others that are now in play?  I mean, I guess it's possible since I haven't really checked the last 7yrs (lol).


Unless the Legion has changed, the sources have to be complete separate sources, not just different appearences in the same media.  I've been out of the loop so long that I don't know the "business" side of this stuff any more.  I just wanna make it for self, yanno?  I mean if it's good enough and the criteria is there, sure, but idc if not.


Project update content:  Duct tape dummy from ~20lbs ago and has +1-2" everywhere, so making a new one to match more closely.

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I finally found a medium that I'm not completely dumb at. Project resumed again....only 9 years in the making almost lol. Real life has been keeping me away from all costuming activities and only able to basically resume free life again a week ago. That being said...neck piece roughed in. Needs a lot of refining, but at least something physical to show instead of mock-up. This is only the collar and neck pads.




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