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Darth Marr

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous





I'm in the process of developing Darth Marr's costume. All input will be helpful! I have compiled all the images I have found and uploaded them onto my website.


This directory will be updated with other references as I find them.




1: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blood of the Empire (links to the web comic main page)

Act 1: Shades of the Sith

Act 3: Burn the Future


A compilation of images from Act 1 & 3.




2: STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC—THE LOST SUNS #2 (links to the Dark Horse comic listing)




3: Star Wars: The Old Republic video game (below are a couple screen shots)



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Guest Anonymous

Materials list:

This list will be updated/changed as I figure out the materials to be used


Lighting tabs/connectors as seen here: http://files.hitoristudios.com/images/darth_marr/darth_marr18.png

6x Power Shape Circle 1 Inch

1x 1.5VDC MIMI ME - 6 Sq Inches

1x 2-Output EL Flat Panel Splitters

2x 3-Output EL Flat Panel Splitters


?x EVA foam

?x tubing/hoses of some kind

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Guest Aysel

I'd think you'd want something flexible but not wiggly, the exercise tubing while a good idea, is really wiggly, you might look at something more like PVC shower hose, it's flexible but not wiggly, commonly found in the plumbing section of hardware store and sold by the foot.

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Guest Anonymous

Oh! I play a Sith Juggernaut and was really digging on the Champion PVP gear. Didn't realize it's the same stuff that Marr wears.

I wish you the best of luck. This is something I would love to do in the future, if given more free time.

Will be watching this thread!

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Guest Anonymous

I added some other pictures of possible hose materials/connectors to modify. Found at my local Lowe's Home Improvement.



And then I found something called PVC Shower Pan Liner. It's very rubbery but flexible. Has anyone had any experience using or working with this type of material?

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Guest Anonymous

Anyone have an idea how to make the metallic material located on the biceps?




Also, I'm thinking of using a combination of latex and PVC hoses. Latex being used for the lower front part of the face mask. I intend on having that area exposed for breathing purposes while wearing a black balaclava where only the eyes are exposed. The PVC hoses would be used for other areas of the helmet/mask and other parts of the armor.

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With the closeness of the mouth to the front of the helmet, you might want to

look into a throat mic instead. That way it won't pick up your breathing or reverb

if you turn the volume up too much.

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Guest Anonymous

Thanks! I was looking at doing that but wasn't sure. I might actually put the speaker into the piece that hangs on his chest. That's actually a good spot to place it instead of having it built into the mask. So maybe I should look into some sound dampening for the mask instead? Maybe I should experiment when I get to that point and see if my voice carries too much.

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