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A little help please? (Starkiller's Raxus Prime outfit)

Twi'lek Pam

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Welcome to the Flagship, Larry. No worries about your birthday; it takes a miracle to finish a legion costume in only a couple months... you'll be 18 before you're ready to get your costume approved for membership! (I say this from experience: Focus on quality, rather than speed. You'll be much happier with the end result, and more likely to see your costume approved without being sent back for heavy revisions.)


I'll leave your first two questions to the folks who have made the costume and would know more than I about the saber and backpack. Look through the forum here, and you'll see a post or two about them, I imagine.


For the third question, I can tell you that you must have buzzed hair or at least the appearance of such in order to get a Starkiller costume approved, and you would need to have short hair to wear the costume to official events as well. I imagine you'd have an easier time with that detail at conventions or very relaxed events... but when representing the legion at public events, most garrisons want their members to be in accurate costumes, including the hair. If he were compltely bald you would have the option of wearing a bald cap; but Starkiller has that head 'o stubble, which is a lot more challenging to create artificially. The only thing that comes to mind is a full-lace wig with very short hair... but that would be a big challenge to find, and a bit of a pain since you'd have to glue on the wig for each event. You'd be able to hide your hair down the back with the Raxus heavy training gear's neck wrap, but you'd not be able to do that with the TIE factory gear.


If joining the 501st is your main goal, and you don't want to cut your hair, then you might need to consider a helmeted character. By all means, make the Starkiller costume if you want to, and wear it with pride... but you'll need to understand that the 501st does require the hair to be correct for approval. It's the details that really make a costume great!


Pam :-)

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Guest Starkiller_Ale

Hello Larry, I have done the heavy training gear for Starkiller and about the computer from the back I made using PVC panels of different thickness cut, machined and glued to each other, this is my tipoc alvor where I'm still in costume, watch and follow him, perhaps gives you an idea of ​​how to work in manufacturing.

For other questions as well ask me =)

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