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First, let me repeat what we've said here many times over the years: Make a costume because you want to make it, not because it may or may not be approved by some group. If you really like it, make it. Maybe it'll get approved, maybe it won't. If approval is more important than the costume itself, then would you really put your heart into it? A Noghri would be a stunningly complicated costume that would require not only a mask, but also prosthetics for the arms and feet, much like Bossk costumes. It would require quite a bit of dedication and investment. If approval is your ultimate goal, then a sure bet costume would be a better choice than a Noghri.



That said, I believe Rukh or any other Noghri could be considered a 501st character, since the Noghri served the Empire for years. (Granted, they were tricked, but still.) They may very well be one of the dual costumes that would fit in the Rebel Legion as well, since they later turned their allegience to Leia. However, the biggest challenge will be consistent references. I've seen a number of different interpretations of the Noghri and Rukh through the comics, the sourcebooks, minis, cards, etc. There have been quite a few differences in their build, facial features, and clothing. You would need to find some quality references showing all sides of the character you wish to portray, and make sure that they match each other to a reasonable degree.


Pam :-)

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