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Starkiller Standards: Black Sith Robes (Game Version)

Twi'lek Pam

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Starkiller Costume Standards: Black Sith Robes (Game Version)







Costume components:


Cloak: The hooded, sleeveless cloak is made of black fabric that reaches the ankles. The cloak is worn with the right side thrown back over the shoulder to keep the right arm and lightsaber clip uncovered, and the hood is always worn over the head.



Hair: The costumer’s hair is dark brown, and is cut very short.



Armor Padding: Heavy black padding is worn under the chest armor. This fitted padding covers the chest, shoulders, upper back, and it has a high neck. There is a split that remains slightly open at the front of the throat, while the padding over the chest is secured closed.



Throat Armor: The silver throat armor rests at the base of the neck. It is designed with a curve that goes up and around the throat, and there is a square shaped notch taken from the top center. The armor is attached to the padding from the back side, and has no visible attachment points on the front.



Chest Armor: The silver chest armor is made from two pieces that are mirrored in shape. Each piece has a gentle curve to follow the shape of the chest, and they are made with a material that gives the appearance of solid, sturdy armor. The armor is attached to the padding from the back side, and has no visible attachment points on the front.



Shoulder Bells: The silver shoulder bells are made from a sturdy, solid material. They are curved to follow the shape of the arms, but they are not designed to rest closely against the arms. Wide gunmetal colored straps made of the same material as the flak vest are used to hold the shoulder bells in place.



Flak Vest: The gunmetal (silver-black) flak vest has vertical lines quilted onto the front and back. The partial sleeves are vertically quilted. The vest is long enough to stay tucked into the obi sash. The vest may be constructed with leather, a leatherette material, or a heavy, medium sheen fabric such as tackle twill.


Shirt: The long sleeved shirt is made of a black fabric. The sleeves have a dark red stripe that is approximately 6 cm wide around the elbow on each arm. The stripes are painted on the fabric with faded, uneven edges. Fragments of a thinner black line are present just above the red stripes.



Gloves: Black leather gloves are worn over the sleeves of the shirt. The gauntlet style gloves have no buckles or extra decoration.



Belt: The black leather belt is worn at a slight angle, as if the lightsaber worn on the right is pulling that side down. The base belt is approximately 8 cm wide. Two thin belts, each approximately 2.5 cm wide, are worn over the base belt. These belts are held in place with black leather belt keepers which are spaced at intervals around the waist. The small belts have a side-release buckle at the center front. A pentagon shaped silver plate is located just to the right side of the side release buckles. It is as wide as the base belt, and it covers both of the smaller belts. A small black leather pouch hangs from the top of the belt to the left side of the side release buckles. A Covertec lightsaber clip is located on the right side of the belt. The belt closes in the back.



Obi: The obi is made of glossy black leather or leatherette material. The obi is similar in shape to the Darth Maul obi, with the front portion considerably wider than the rest.



Skirt: The ankle length skirt is made of heavy black material. In the front, the skirt is closed at the top. The closed portion is approximately 15 cm long. Below that, the front of the skirt hangs open.



Pants: Black pants with a relaxed fit are worn tucked into the boots.



Boots: The knee high, heavyweight black boots have a vertically striped panel on the front. The panel is made with a gunmetal color similar to the flak vest. Two black leather straps are wrapped around the top area of the panel to hold it in place. If an additional strap is needed to hold the lower portion of the panel in place, the strap goes under the panel, and not over the top of it.



Boot Armor: A silver armor plate is worn over the top of the boots. The plate is held in place by a gunmetal colored strap that goes under the sole of the boot.



Costume Accessories:


Lightsaber: The hilt resembles the reference images for Starkiller's saber. If the lightsaber has a blade, the blade is red in color.

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