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My Starkiller Sith Robes costume, opinions...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hello there!


I have been making my first SW costume based in Starkiller Sith Robes (Red Concept), and this is the result so far:


First of all, the pictures I use for reference:





The costume parts separately:


















And finally all together:












Currently only need:

-The black boots

-The silver paint of the buckles

-And the little leather bag in the belt.


The Red Lightsaber is coming this december :P


I appreciate all opinions, advice and recommendations you can give me, in order to finally formalize the costume in the 501st :wink:




PD. I'm from the Costa Rica Outpost, sorry for my poor english :oops:

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Guest Anonymous



What is your opinion of the costume? I need to change anything or it's fine like this?


I really appreciate your valuable help with this, it's the first costume that I've done of Star Wars, and also it's the first costume that I've done in order to be part of the 501st


Thank you very much, greetings from Costa Rica. :)

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First off, welcome to the star wars costuming world! Let me be the first to say that here you will get some of the best constructive criticism anywhere. Don't let yourself get discouraged by all that we say about your costume. For a first try it looks really good and you should be proud of it. With that said, it does need some work to match the "just walked off the screen" look the 501st shoots for.

I can put in some thoughts but let me give you fair warning that, as someone who is also working on this costume, I'm going to point out a LOT of things you can make better.


Spats - I like your boot spats - thats basically the way I did mine - don't change them.


Belt - I'm not sure where you were going with this, you have the two buckles but they need to be silver, not sure where you came up with the 12 belt adjusters because I don't see any similarity between them and the references.


Obi (waist sash) - you have also seen this as a leather-esque material so I'm glad I'm not alone in that judgement, however you have it too straightened. both rerefences (as well as the one I used) show it as gathered and wrinkled - there's not much you can do about that in creating it, it's just a change in how you wear it.


skirt - I think you're white parts are a bit wide - they're supposed to taper more at the tips like claws or fangs. Also the border is (on mine) 3/4" - 1" (1.8cm-2.5cm roughly).


Gloves - they don't look bad, don't get me wrong, but in addition to Sith Lords I also have a Tusken outfit - and one of the worst things about it is the gloves. I can't grip anything because they're just so big. I think you're going to have the same problem. might want to look into some that are a little tighter.


Cape/hood - I like it, but you don't have a lot of good pictures of it


Vest - I like the ribbing. It's not the way I chose, but it works.



last but not least are 2 problems I ran into that I think you're going to have similar issues with. I'm going to repost something Thomas Spanos wrote about mine that was very eloquent and should give you an idea of what I see -


Breast plate… appear flat. As if made with a single layer of polyrigid foam core (brand name Sintra) and given simple curves with a heat gun. I think this detracts from the overall suit…

Armour pieces have a complex curve in reference… The breast plates "cup" the breast and have thickness. There are many ways to achieve this. I would strongly encourage Steve to take this to the next level.

3. As with the Visas Marr, the white lining of Steve faux leather is visible on the undersides of his jerkin (A seen in other photos of the costume.) Steve should line this area with additional fabric to maintain the appearance of leather.


So I think you similarly will have issues with the chest plate (looks like just one) being too flat and the underside of your shoulder armor sheets (the leather portion) showing the white underneath.


Again, please don’t let this discourage you – I let the first reactions to my Nihilus put it on hold for 2 years. You have a good start – it just needs a little more work. Good luck and I look forward to your joining the Legion!

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Guest Anonymous

Thank you very much Drago Lordist!!!


As you say, I came around here to find the best constructive criticism of UE Star Wars costumes :wink:


Belt - The buckles are in process to be silver right now, I did the belt adjusters for hanging the hilt of the lightsaber and the small leather bag that I need.


Obi - What you suggest is just not to use it so "streched" and more "wrinkled", vertically speaking?


Skirt - I noticed that little detail when I saw the job finished, I will leave it as is for now, if thomas request the change, I'll do it.


Gloves - So far, I had no problems gripping things, I hope this not change :P


Cape/Hood - In fact, I don't have any good pictures of the costume, I've used it only a couple of times :lol:


Vest - Thanks :wink:


In the case of the underside of my shoulder armor sheets they're also already in the process to paint them black.


But what I don't get it is the part of the chest plate. What do you (and Thomas) mean with that is too flat? What do you suggest I must change?


I feel that it excel of the rest of the vest... Actually, the silver chest plate is a piece totally apart, that overlying the vest.


Again, thank you very much Drago and anyone else who wants to help me with my costume. I really really appreciate your advices and recommendations, and I'll take it all in count :D:wink:

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Obi - What you suggest is just not to use it so "streched" and more "wrinkled", vertically speaking?


But what I don't get it is the part of the chest plate. What do you (and Thomas) mean with that is too flat? What do you suggest I must change?



let me demonstrate -

aside from a little color and the belt, most of the references are identical so I'll use my reference pic



here I've marked the outline of each armor piece in the light green and the curvature in the dark green. I've also marked what I mean about the obi being wrinkled - yes I meant vertically, bunch it from the top and bottom to achieve the wrinkled look.




now, purely from the reflection off of it, it looks like yours has no curves and looks like one complete sheet hidden behind a small tongue of vinyl/leather.

Mine was split up into individual pieces like I've marked, but the curves were very simple, closely resembling yours.I'd suggest you split it up and do your best to give it some shape to more closely resemble the picture.

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Guest Anonymous

All right, now I get it.


In the case of the Obi, there is nothing more to say, it's very clear what we have to do.


About the chest plate, I had not noticed that it have curves, I have to invent something to shape it.


Thanks a lot, comrade Drago. I'll put my effort in those two things. :mrgreen:


Regards :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

Hello there!


I come with a photo update, and again, I appreciate all opinions, advice and recommendations you can give me :wink:


Excuse de blue lightsaber, I still have not bought a red one :P
















Regards :)

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Guest Anonymous

Only thing I have a complaint about is the chest aror is to flat and looks way out of place, Maybe form it a bit to eliminate flattyness.


Looks great.

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