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Kalec's Sith Acolyte WIP - Complete - Approved


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So i am going to (Attempt) to use this thread to journal the construction of my Sith Acolyte Kit. I have no clue how long this will ultimately take (weeks, months, etc) but as the work will be starting soon - i thought it was a good time to begin documenting the process. 


Short Background: Always been a huge Old Republic fan and when i saw the Acolytes in SWTOR - I knew i wanted to make one for myself. I have had the armor kit and helm for over 5 years now.  I had intended for this to be my initial costume for 501st membership. I quickly realized i knew nothing about Kit building at the time and decided to go another way and put the kit in storage. I have used the Helm for other Sith Costumes in the years since. COTF Nihilus ended up being the first costume i applied to the legion with and now several years later one of the great Prop / Armor makers in my squad has agreed to help me on this journey of finally finishing the acolyte.


Part Status: (Updated 5/22/24)


Items Acquired:

Armor Kit: Vader's Vault / Mynock's Den V1

Selected Armor Parts Remade / Printed on a Jupiter 6k

Helm: Mynock's Den 

Neck Seal: Darman's Props

Leather Pouch Set: Darman's Props

Black Boots: Crowprops 

Robe: Custom Local Tailor

Lightsaber: Vaders Vault Acolyte

Paints : Alumaluster / 2K Clear Coat / Black Base Primers / Various Accent & Weathering Paints


The one picture for this initial update: First time the set has been out of it's Original Shipping Box in years - Taking Inventory before the project started:




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Status updates
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Very nice, I've got a Mynocks Den resin kit that I built a few years ago.  I did eventually get a pair of plastic shins from Vaders Vault as well just because I found the resin ones heavy.  I couldn't find another lightsaber that was as screen accurate as the one from Vaders Vault so eventually that was the one I went with and have no complaints with it. 


I'm no use to you for a robe vendor though as I had my mother in law do mine as she is an experienced seamstress.


Good call on the boots as I went with a pair of shoes for mine which could have been why I was experiencing some discomfort from the shins.  Maybe I'll have to switch to boots in the future.


Enjoy the journey,  the armor looks badass once it's completed.

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Update #1


The bulk of the armor has been trimmed at this point. I met up my friend helping me with the build for a basic fitting this past weekend - to see if more trimming was needed before painting started.  We watched some of the trailer videos together and got more ideas on how to assemble it (tho the printed manual it comes with is a huge help). We also got some body measurements for the Robe maker with the armor on (See note below)


I don't have any shots of the armor on me but i'll include a couple of the raw trimmed armor at the bottom.


Robe: I communicated with 2 Robe makers that said that they would take on the commission.   Between the two - I decided to go with someone who my wife and myself have used in the past. The robe is estimated to be 6-8 weeks from start date. I have some measurements now and will be sending those off soon.


Next steps are still research, painting and assembly. We may be getting some of the minor pieces remade in resin 3d Print - so researching print files at this time and more reference shots.


20231029_182956.thumb.jpg.4a53f8a253293172980d1a29d21d0a8c.jpg 20231029_182954.thumb.jpg.e40d65d4137d88bdcfdb6d706191519a.jpg20231029_182949.thumb.jpg.b675cde8d089bff07e2bb917517468c5.jpg20231029_183000.thumb.jpg.ce189ee5be2dd672c0774483a793c4dd.jpg


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I just saw this and was gonna reccomend a Galaxy's Edge Sith Robe for your kit like I did. I modified mine to fit CRL standards but the quality and texture of the cloak can't be beat in my opinion. Good luck in your journey though buddy! 


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Here's a few of mine with the Darman neckseal. Also my cloak was made for me by a friend who could actually sew ;) Was lucky to find one at the time.  My kit is a first gen MyNock resin kit with 1st gen and 2nd gen MyNock masks... 















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Update #2


Been a few weeks since my last update but everything is going forward with the build. 


All the major Armor pieces have been trimmed, cleaned up, Fitted for Strapping, etc. Painting has started (See Below For more Info). A few minor parts are left to clean up and fit (Knuckle Plates for example)


Upon further studying the ABS parts in the kit - we decided to have some of them replaced for more detail. There is nothing wrong with these parts per say - But some of the newer 3d Print files have more detail and look closer to the Model files from the game. So far - Both Hand Plates and Both Arm Bracers were replaced with parts printed on a 6k resin machine using a custom blend of resin for Max durability and detail. The parts look outstanding and will be incorporated into the build. 


Robe is about 6 weeks since i placed the order - Hope to hear back from the maker soon.


Paint: We are doing something a little different with the acolyte. The paint was one of the parts even if i had the knowledge to build the armor - i was never comfortable doing myself. My friend who is helping me with the build on the other hand - is one of the best armor and prop  builders / painters i have ever seen. The Paint will Multi layered.  The Initial Black Primer / Basecoats have been applied. We will be using Alumaluster for the Gunmetal Layer over the entire body. For those that dont know the paint - its most commonly used these days to give Din Djarin that lovely Beskar look and its expensive to use on this scale of painting - but having multiple suits made using this paint in our squad - the results speak for themselves and it was an easy decision to invest.  The paint will be further darkened and weathered from that point forward before being sealed up to match the reference photos.  Hopefully have pics of that final paint job in the coming weeks.


Excited to see it coming together after all these years!



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Update #3


Lightsaber: My wife was amazing to me for Christmas and got me the Vaders Vault Acolyte lightsaber for my build! Looks amazing and cant wait to use it with the final armor!


Robe: Maker contacted me just before Christmas with an update:  Robe was in production. Still needed to be painted and hemmed. Indicated delivery would be soon.


Paint: The first chunk of the armor has had the Alumaluster applied. My builder is keeping the final result a surprise for me but was i shown the Chest plate. Even before he applies the weathering steps and other final touch's - it looks fantastic! So psyched to see the final results and share pictures with everyone.


Transport: Already have a husky bin ready and can get more storage boxes depending how the final nesting of the armor goes...  im thinking of packing the gloves /  handplates in the same kind of "Go Pro" pluck foam case i use to carry my rank bars and code cylinders for my officer. Ordered some Pillow cases to wrap the armor the same way i wrap my TK parts currently before they go into their bin.


Pending TO DO: Still need to order a new Compression shirt to have the veclro sewn on it for the shoulders- looking at different vneck options some others have used as referenced in another thread. 

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  • Kalec changed the title to Kalec's Sith Acolyte WIP - Complete - Approved

Update #4


Apologies - Its been awhile since i updated this thread. The acolyte project had to be put on hold for most of Jan thru Early March for reasons beyond a lot of our control. Work got back into high gear in mid March and the suit was finished by late April. Just wanted to come back and do a final post:


My Acolyte was completed and has now been approved by 3 clubs as of today (501st, Dark Empire and Saberguild). I have already trooped twice in it and get great reactions to it.


The guys who did the paint job and main assembly of my suit ( J&J Props) have done albums of the closeups if anyone would like to see them - I'll attach a few to this post as well. 





The weathering and paint came out beyond my wildest dreams. Top notch application of Alumaluster. It truly looks and feels like a battle hardened Acolyte who has spent  a lot of time on the front lines.


A 6 year long dream of mine was finally realized!














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Omg what an amazing build, I raise a drink to you sir! Also, where'd you get the canister on the belt from? And what saber did you end up using?


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1 hour ago, PRFUZZ7 said:

Omg what an amazing build, I raise a drink to you sir! Also, where'd you get the canister on the belt from? And what saber did you end up using?


Thank you! The Saber is the Acolyte from Vaders Vault. The canister came with the Mynocks Den V1 kit but we found several 3d print files of it online during the research process of the suit.

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