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Doctor Aphra - Grey Vest WIP


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After a long time have I decided to start (also) working on a Doctor Aphra outfit!

In this thread will I post all the updates and progression that I've made with the grey vest version.

Starting with the blaster! (Seems I got my priorities straight. Props first. Rest later? Hah!)

My boyfriend moddled (!!) and printed the Scopeless DL-44 blaster and 3d printed it for me. With his help did I finished the painting off it.


With this have I also bought the Fabrics (which will arrive later this week) and goggles.
Both the leather belt and aviator cap are on commission and more updates on that will follow!
Same goes with the shoes: These will be bought at the last stadium of the build.

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The goggles arrived!

i had to re-paint the golden edges into silver-grey. 
i’m not very happy about the glasses on it however, so I may replace these!


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Next update: The red and grey fabrics arrived!

i’m not 100% sure with the red fabric. (Also due to the small patterns on it? Thoughts?)

In real does it also look a little bit darker-red (same as with the grey/darker grey) than on the picture.


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It's been a good while since I posted on here! So i thought it's about time to post the next progression pic.

TLDR I received the belt and got pretty far with the rest of the costume!
I need to make the red fabric a bit wider around the arms and attach a clip, make good googles (if someone can help /w finding them?) and cap. ((So don't mind the picture with the quick halloween cap i had!!))
This together with a good way to work to make the tattoo's on my arms...

Overall there has been some good progression i guess!



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Looking great so far. 

For my tattoo sleeve I used an opaque biking sleeve (make sure it has no branding or seams, the one I purchased a two pack of on amazon doesn't exist anymore) in a natural colour and then my friend painted it on using references while I wore it, so it would be the correct length on me.  I have a huge tattoo on that arm so I needed more coverage than pantyhouse would give, but I know that is a popular option as well. 


This was the reference we used for the tattoo itself, which I think was from the Ladies of the Legion group. 


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