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Sith Stalker


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Hi, im very new in the cosplay business. Im trying to make a Sith Stalker cosplay and need all help i can get. I only found a very old but very cool WIP from Darth Serberus in thedentethelmet forum from 2010. Are there any Stalkers out there to help me?


Greetings Mark

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Good evening..er morning?


I am the costume mentor that oversees this particular costume (all the SK costumes in fact). The Sith Stalker unfortunately is a pretty rare one and one that has not gotten a fully completed CRL as of yet. All of the pictures are there, but there isn't any write up for him. I would recommend taking a look at the pics posted in the CRLs (link below) as a jumping off point and I will see what I can do about getting the CRL updated. In the meantime check out the board located under the Sith Legends section of the 501st approved costumes board for all the SK builds, you might find someone there that has finished this costume and can provide specific insight.


CRL link:



Starkiller board link



Good luck in your build! Please feel free to reach out to me if you any questions and I will do what I can to lend a hand getting this costume done

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Hi team, I recently submitted the photos of my vest (front & Back) for CRL completion. 

I have replied to your PM regarding this costume :)


I look forward to seeing your costume 

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