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Kookaburra’s A’Sharad Hett


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I am making this costume from references of the Obiwan and A’Sharad battle and the CRL seems not to match the references in some parts such as the pouches do not have four studs on them And his helmet does not always have red lenses in this version of the costume only during one frame.












Pouches have only one button/stud on the pouch and not 4 studs.


other issues showing having black lenses.



Only instance of the lenses looking reddish other than the cover art that should not be included as no 360 image of that costume. As it has him wearing 2 sets of P-1903 pouches one across the chest and one below the belt.



His lenses they are black or red in this version of the costume and only His fathers Sharad truly  are red constantly in the comics.


also his fathers light saber should be added to the CRL. As there are two versions of his fathers lightsaber also. One when his father has it and then gives it to him for the first time. And after such as him fighting Obiwan and then slowly turning to the dark side his fathers lightsaber had been modified. For example (just like Anakin’s ep3 hilt to ANH Luke’s hilt)









After Obiwan duel





please let me know your thoughts as I would like to make my costume as close to the comic.

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New info and references
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Belt Options is insane as he has many different styles the closest and best looking buckle that is available is Qui Gon Ginns buckle that looks close to his toy version. Or I found another type but it’s close to his appearance fighting Obiwan.

Buckles I have found 





As I find a Anakin/Mace Windu style buckle far from correct









Food capsules + possible duel saber clips on either side of belt





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Redid the pouches, so much happier with the outcome.

Finished preparing one boot just need to glue everything in place and weather. Need to paint the soles black. Tried to count each wrap from comic and wrap in similar way.


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So finished soft parts, need to do some weathering and also need to shorten the air breather as it’s way too long but everything is almost complete and ready just need to do some weathering, then Tomorrow will take a photo of finished costume just need his saber to arrive.... ahh saberforge!!!





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So was approved with Rebel Legion but not with 501st. GML was not happy with the tunic so will have to possibly remake it. It’s funny judges both 501st and Rebel Legion say more weathering in the tunic but in no references there is weathering on his tunic across all comic books his in. No rips or holes or marks and stains on his main dark brown tunic.
Parts that are stained a little is his inner tunic and all wraps arms and boots are heavily weathered.

As for boots the Tusken style boots from the movie are incorrect as there only two styles in the comics and that both have soles that the wraps do not go around. One has black bottom sole with brown upper sole with the back heel open with no wraps.
The other style is a fully wrapped boot with a flat sole that is not wrapped.

Boot references.


In fact his tunic is very clean and actually has 3 to 4 pleats at the waist that makes the bottom half of the tunic wavy.

So if I have to remake it then I am going to do it correctly to the references then coping the CRL that is incorrectly worded and also just incorrect.

References below:







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It’s not a shadow look at where the sun is and the color of the sole.





 You can See the detail !


The actual shadow


Very noticeable from the color change and the darker thicker lines show that the wraps stop there. This is the only close up high detailed version of his boots that prove that it is not a Tusken style wrapped rain boot from ANH but it’s in fact a totally different boot.


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Let the detachment decide not a Japanese GML!

Hate it how there is only 2 main references of his boots throughout his whole comic series and the most detailed on is overlooked and people just say it’s wrong or a shadow when it’s clearly not.

ANH Tusken boot style is totally incorrect as A’Sharads boots are flat and have a sole attached, unlike ANH Tusken style rain boots that are fully wrapped and have a heal.

Even from the one comic reference that the back of the shoe is wrapped the closer more detailed image is not. Both of these versions should be in the CRL and the older ANH style boot removed as it is clearly incorrect.


Also outer tunic needs to be updated as there is a middle seam on the back of the outer tunic and the back and front below the belt line has pleats hence why it so wavy. His outer tunic isn’t weathered as there is no reference to claim so. It is not damaged nor is it dirty in any way.




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Kinda tried working on this costume but here is my last updates. For me it’s 100% finished no matter approved or not! 
the amount of changes I have made from an already approved costume from a past member has been insane. Even so when I basically remade the whole costume from scratch and still have issues with GMLs has soured the whole experience in making this costume. 









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Sorry to hear about your issues with your GMLs, I personally think you look freaking awesome! This is one on my costume "to do" list and I'm hoping some parts of my generic Tusken (boots, arm wraps, head) can carry over to Hett eventually. 

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