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Hi, I'm making a SK: DSG from scratch so naturally I've been looking at a lot of reference photos. I noticed a few things are incorrect on the CRL. So I'll probably end up posting a few crl changes in the future for SK: DSG or I might rewrite the entire CRL and propose it. But I'll get this big one out of the way. The leg wraps should be required. SK is never seen without them, furthermore, they are the wrong color, they should be brown.

CRL states :

(Under optional)

Leg Wraps

-This option removes the skirt requirement.

-Sand colored leg wraps, same color as the arm wraps.

-Leg wraps cover over the pants, ending inside the boot.


Proposal : 

(Needs to be required)

-The color of the leg wraps should be a lighter shade of brown than the pants and the boots.

-Leg wraps start mid thigh and end tucked into the boot. 



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Notifications for these posts are not popping up for some reason, but now that I've seen it, I'll get someone on the CRL team to look into it. Thank you!

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Sounds good! I'm going to start working on the costume soon. I'll post photos here eventually! Thanks! 

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