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DN Fabric matching?

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If due to damage or just wear and tear, soft parts come to need replacing, and the original fabric is not available, how close is acceptable in terms of being “the same fabric” as per the CRL? 

Will it suffice that the fabric reads the same visually? 

The WA version uses a rough linen that I have no idea about, but we need to do some work on it, particularly the cowl which is coming apart. The cloth I’ve found, a matte black silk noil from Dharma Trading, is very close, but it’s not exact: if I proceeded with the work, at the end of it the new hood and cape might read slightly differently in direct sunlight, and if you got right up close you’d be able to see that the cape/cowl is maybe 20% more threads per inch rather than tunic/skirts, and the material is softer and thinner to the touch. 

If you directly compared cowl, tunics/skirt, and quilted sleeve, the sleeve material would be a much stronger contrast to the other two fabrics.

Would this maintain approval, considering that in the final analysis we’re replicating a painting which doesn’t actually exist in the real world to match against?

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